Happy birthday Drake!

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Today is Drake’s 34th birthday!

The rap legend has been making waves for years and shows no sign of slowing down, with an album being hinted in the near future.

Drop your favourite Drake song in the comments.

GO services down following fibre cut

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If you have been experiencing service issues, this is due to an accidental fibre cut that GO has experienced in the past few hours. 

The company took to Facebook to communicate with its customers that it will be assessing the situation and trying its utmost to restore services as soon as possible.

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Debate ensues following 1-hour waiting time on COVID-19 helpline

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Malta Daily has received a number of reports of heated arguments after an individual complained regarding the 1-hour waiting time on the COVID-19 helpline. 

While one party expressed certain urgency of the matter, call centre representative and members of the public health system have appealed for the public’s patience in such a time. 

The Health Authorities have been receiving as much as 15,000 calls day and are doing their utmost with the limited resources to keep the system running smoothly and help the public.

48 people fined €10,000 for being in public after testing positive

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Following the Superintendent for Health’s conference regarding the local COVID-19 situation, it was revealed that 48 people were dealt a €10,000 fine each for going out in public while being positive for COVID-19.

Professor Gauci also revealed that the Health Authorities have conducted a total of 78,224 inspections of people who were in quarantine to assure that everyone is at home.

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