Half the world is on track to being overweight by 2035, report warns

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Half the world is on track to being overweight by 2035, report warns

New research by the World Obesity Federation warns that half of humankind is on track to becoming overweight by the year 2035.

That means that, based on current trends, over 4 billion people (51%) are expected to become overweight or obese in 12 years time. This would be a massive increase from the current 2.6 billion people globally who are not at the recommended weight.

The excess weight epidemic is something which is considered around the world, with countries like Mexico implementing taxes on soft drinks and junk food, the UK implementing advertising rules for foods with high fat, salt and sugar content on children’s TV channels and France increasing physical activity and the Netherlands offering a holistic, healthy environment which support children and families.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), a person is considered overweight when their Body Mass Index is between 25.0 and under 30. A BMI of 30.0 or higher would mean that the individual is obese.

A few months back, Malta was classified as the country with the highest obesity rate in the European Union, with around a quarter of its population considered as obese. A third of the Maltese population is expected to become obese by the year 2030, but does the solution lie?

In 2015, Malta passed an ambitious bill on Obesity which included restrictions on which food was to be sold in schools and how such institutions utilised exercise in their curriculum whilst encouraging local councils to offer more spaces for exercise to address obesity amongst the elderly.


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Mimi Webb track co-written by Shaun Farrugia finally out on streaming platforms

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UK breakthrough artist Mimi Webb has finally released her album ‘Amelia’ and, beyond the host of hits like ‘House On Fire’ and ‘Red Flags’, one will find a gem co-written by Malta’s Shaun Farrugia.


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Webb’s track is a definitive UK anthem and an absolute earworm, with writing credits featuring Webb Herself, Jonny Hockings, Louis Schoorl and our very own Shaun Farrugia.

Farrugia’s contribution to Webb’s album continue to prove what a momentous 2023 lies ahead, with his feel-good track ‘Count On You’ making the rounds on local & international radio.



Michelin Guide reveals Malta’s 2023 selection as new restaurant receives star

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Michelin Guide reveals Malta's 2023 selection as new restaurant receives star

This year’s much-awaited Michelin Guide Malta has finally been revealed and it welcomes a new Maltese restaurant in its midst.

Sliema restaurant Fernandõ Gastrotheque has been awarded the famous MICHELIN star and joins the 5 local restaurants who maintained their distinction; Bahia in Balzan, De Mondion in Imdina and ION Harbour, Noni & Under Grain in Valletta.

Meanwhile, Birgu’s Terrone, Mellieha’s Commando and Rubino & Grain Street in Valletta continue to celebrate a Michelin Bib Gourmand for the culinary efforts.

The Michelin Guide is a highly respected and influential restaurant guidebook that was first published in France in 1900. The guide uses a rigorous selection process to identify the best restaurants, and awards one to three stars to those that meet its high standards.

The recommended establishments list featured local favourites like Briju, Marea, Tartarun, The Medina, Rebekah’s, Tmun, giuseppi’s, The Fork and Cork and The Golden Fork. Meanwhile, the Michelin Guide includes the Grotto Tavern, LOA, Root 81, Hammett’s Macina, Chophouse, Caviar & Bull, KuYa, Rosami, Zest, 59 Republic, Aaron’s Kitchen, AKI, Guzé, The Harbour Club, Legligin and Ta’ Frenc.

Michelin stars are widely considered to be the most prestigious accolade a restaurant can receive, and earning even one star can have a significant impact on a restaurant’s reputation and success. You can find the Michelin-starred restaurants, Bib Gourmand recipients and recommended restaurants for free on the MICHELIN Guide website and app.

Which is YOUR favourite restaurant?


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‘Miracle dog’ rescued from rubble 23 days after earthquakes in Turkey

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'Miracle dog' rescued from rubble 23 days after earthquakes in Turkey

In a miraculous feat of courage and determination, a husky has finally been freed from the wreckage and ruins of a Turkish building over three weeks after Turkey was hit by two massive earthquakes.


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The ‘miracle dog’ was pulled from the remains of a two-storey apartment, surviving on no food or water for three weeks, according to USA TODAY.

The dog’s owner, Murat Arici, was caught on video calling for help after seeing his Siberian husky emerge from the debris of a building in Antakya, Turkey.


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