Half of Air Malta workforce to receive transfers in attempt to save airline amid crisis

 - Local - Jan 14

Of Air Malta’s approximately 890-strong workforce, around 430 will be transferred to other government departments in a bid to save the struggling airline.

This was announced by Finance Minister Clyde Caruana during a conference with Air Malta Executive Chairman David G. Curmi to address the future of Malta’s National Airline. The Minister revealed that a restructuring plan will be put into effect, which will enact a number of new measures. Amongst others, half of the workforce including cabin crew, cargo handlers and administrative officials will be transferred to other government departments.

Caruana took the opportunity to slam unnamed predecessors, stating that the airline is in the state it is due to ‘political decisions triumphing over common sense,’ and that he wouldn’t have addressed the conference if he wasn’t certain that Air Malta has a fighting chance.

Curmi stated that Air Malta will no longer operate flights which result in losses for the company and that problems for the airline did not start during the pandemic but before. The company has registered losses since 2005 and their was a 2-year-period were it registered profits after selling a number of its assets.

Following the minister’s meeting with unions, it has been reported that unions are hopeful for Air Malta’s future.

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