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Graduation bus-cade turns into satirical political commentary

 - Local - Nov 25
Graduation bus-cade turns into satirical political commentary

As many celebrate their long awaited graduation following a pandemic of patience, a bus-cade session by the Law graduates turned into a jab at Malta’s political climate. The buses used for the tradition of roaming around Malta in celebration of successful studying donned banners all making satires out of Malta’s politicians and context.

The banners commented, with rhyme, on how people can get out of a pickle by calling a lawyer or how they can use Ian Borg’s flyovers to zoom in celebration. 


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Some were also a bit more mild in terms of satire, depicting Health Minister Chris Fearne and stating how due to be left without a toga last year, graduates can now celebrate with double the festive fever. But all these banners raise some serious questions – has Malta’s political context become an absolute source for mocking and jokes? Should this celebration make us reflect deeper into the state of things? 


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