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Gozo Fast Ferry officially launched

Gozo Fast Ferry officially launched
Jun 1 2021 Share

Virtu Ferries Ltd and Gozo Fast Ferry Ltd are now officially offering a service that can transport people between Malta and Gozo in under 45-minutes. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Robert Abela, Gozo Minister Clint Camilleri and Infrastructure Ian Borg, the service will include two catamarans that will be used to transport foot passengers between the islands.

The Prime Minister inaugurated the service by stating that this latest achievement symbolises what the government is working towards – which is believing in a country that provides the opportunity for everyone, generate work and create a better economy.


Photo Source: Robert Abela FB

6 reasons to visit Sicily this summer

Jun 1 2021 Share

In an attempt to escape the seemingly never-ending loop forced upon us over the past months, a summer holiday is exactly what we need at the moment and Virtu Ferries have got us covered. A trip to Sicily to break away from our current routine will seem like a breath of fresh air and to make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of the primary reasons why you NEED to visit Sicily this summer.

Sicily’s flair for food and dining is unmatched and a trip to the island would not be complete without a taste of its unmistakable cuisine.

Whether you’re looking for a plate of authentic pasta or the taste and texture of the iconic Sicilian cannoli, a trip to Sicily would not be the same.

A celebration of everything that is Mediterranean, the Maltese share their love for the sea with Sicilians and the island has its fair share of gorgeous ocean views.

Enjoy the beautiful deep blue views on your Virtu Ferries trip and make sure you catch a couple of seaside snaps throughout the day!

Sicily has its fair share of Instagrammable spots and between the island’s hypnotic skyline, secluded beaches and beautiful rural areas, you will fall in love with the views.

While the day trips may cost just €39, the views and memories made are absolutely priceless.

Sicily’s rich cultural history is evident in its beautiful architecture, monuments and artistic significance, making it a very-accessible hotspot for lovers of culture.

Sicily is home to sites like the Necropolis of Pantalica, Erice, the Valley of the Temples and more.

Say what you will, there’s nothing quite as relaxing and equally exciting as the ferry trip to Sicily.

Bask in the glorious views of the Mediterranean seas while you enjoy the comfort and amenities of the Virtu Ferries vessels in anticipation of a long-awaited and much deserved holiday.

Virtu Ferries are not only offering day trips starting from just €39, but the opportunity to create memories and begin to explore a world beyond our shores once again.

With vessels which redefine comfort and accessibility including wheelchair-friendly access, accessible bathrooms as well as on-the-spot refunds, a trip to Sicily is a no-brainer at this point.

“This summer, I’m going to travel as I’v never travelled before” – Literally everyone.

ℹ️Day trips starting from only €39.00.


Posted by Virtu Ferries Ltd. on Thursday, April 29, 2021



Addolorata Cemetery gets 1106 new graves with more on the way

Addolorata Cemetery gets 1106 new graves with more on the way
Jun 1 2021 Share

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Health Chris Fearne stated that 1,106 new graves have been constructed in the Addolorata cemetery. A total of 2880 are to be constructed in a new project, with the 1106 currently constructed, and most in the process of having contractual agreements finalised. Restoration work will also be incorporated on government buildings, monuments and structures.

The price of the graves being installed is set around €8000, with the completed works of the project including the Chaplains Building, Exedra, Depost, Gatt Chapel, the monument of the Sette Giugno, the Mortuary, the common graves and the former Commune of Infants. There will also be work on other structures such as the Boundary Wall, Via Crucis and Ossuaries amongst others.


Photo Source: Virtual War Memorial Australia, Chris Fearne FB

Couples concerned with gender equality and traditional roles in Malta

Couples concerned with gender equality and traditional roles in Malta
Jun 1 2021 Share

In Malta Daily’s latest episode of VOX in collaboration with The Human Rights Directorate, a prevalent theme concerning traditional gender roles and stereotypes within couples emerged amongst multiple participants.

While many exhibited an awareness of improvement in recent times, these social norms and biases seem to be commonplace at home, school, workplaces and more, often to the detriment of women.

It is the public’s collective responsibility to challenge such prejudices in order to achieve a healthy balance between work & life and push forward an agenda of equality, financial independence and professional objectives.

The Human Rights Directorate, within the Ministry for Justice, Equality & Governance, is responsible for integrating these concerns into the development of Malta’s first national framework on Gender Equality and Gender Mainstreaming.

Gender inequality is an issue that affects all people, socially, economically and politically. Now more than ever, we…

Posted by Human Rights Directorate on Tuesday, 9 March 2021


However, to truly achieve full gender equality, any national effort requires everyone to be actively involved – individuals, businesses, and all kinds of organisations.