Gozitan Chef & Mum Make Traditional Ftira for Women’s Day

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Giovann Attard, the esteemed Executive Chef at London’s acclaimed restaurant ‘Norma,’ made a heartfelt return to his roots this International Women’s Day.

In a gesture that bridges generations, Chef Attard joined hands with his mother in Gozo to prepare a traditional Gozitan ftira, a culinary emblem of their homeland. This act was more than a mere cooking session; it was a son’s tribute to his first and most enduring culinary inspiration—his mother.


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Attard openly credits his passion for cooking to the skills and values instilled in him by his mother, making this occasion a celebration of her influence and a testament to his love and appreciation for her, not just on this day but every day.

Previously, the duo had captured hearts in a video where they were seen crafting exquisite ‘Qassat’, showcasing the depth of familial culinary traditions.

However, it was the preparation of the legendary Gozitan ftira that truly epitomised Chef Attard’s culinary journey—a journey that, no matter how far it takes him, always leads back to his mother’s kitchen in Gozo. This intimate collaboration served as a poignant reminder of the foundational role that family plays in shaping our passions and pursuits.

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Strait Street Brawl Leaves Man With Grievous Injuries

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A 25-year-old Valletta resident sustained grievous injuries after an altercation in Strait Street, Valletta in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The police were called to the scene at 2.15am on Saturday morning when a fight broke out in the capital’s bustling social hub, with the young man taken to the closest medical centre for treatment.

Reports have stated that the man was injured with a glass, with the unknown assailant remaining at large after he fled the sceni

An investigation is currently under way.


MARA Initiative Celebrates Women’s Contributions Beyond International Women’s Day

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In a heartfelt celebration of women’s achievements and contributions to society, the inaugural edition of the MARA initiative culminated in a stirring event, echoing the sentiments of Dr. Lydia Abela, the Prime Minister’s wife, who emphasised the need for daily recognition of women’s roles in our communities.

The event, held at Villa Francia, brought together numerous dignitaries, including mayors and esteemed guests, to honour women from all walks of life across Malta and Gozo.

Dr. Lydia Abela, reiterated the importance of valuing women’s contributions on a continuous basis. “We should celebrate women every day and not only on Women’s Day,” she asserted, underscoring the ongoing efforts required for a more inclusive society. Reflecting on the diverse stories shared during the event, Dr. Abela highlighted the selflessness and compassion inherent in Maltese women, emphasising their indispensable role in nurturing communities.

The MARA initiative, conceived as a platform to recognise and amplify women’s voices, showcased stories of resilience, compassion, and dedication. From individuals who spearheaded community initiatives to those who continued to serve despite personal challenges, the breadth of contributions underscored the manifold roles played by women in shaping society.

At the heart of the initiative was the Premju Mara 2023/2024, which honoured a woman from every locality in Malta and Gozo. The recipients, representing a diverse array of backgrounds and professions, were lauded for their exemplary contributions.

From a young woman fostering community cohesion to a dedicated nurse extending her service beyond retirement, each awardee exemplified the spirit of resilience and altruism.

In her address, Dr. Abela emphasised the importance of women’s independence and self-fulfilment, urging them not to overlook their talents and aspirations. “You are strong, capable, and talented women. Never let that talent fall by the wayside, because to love others you have to love yourselves,” she affirmed, encouraging women to embrace their potential and celebrate their achievements.

Parliamentary Secretary for Local Government, Alison Zerafa Civelli, underscored the pivotal role of local councils in recognising women’s contributions within their communities. Highlighting the positive impact of women-led initiatives, she emphasised the importance of fostering equality and inclusivity at the grassroots level.

Parliamentary Secretary for Reforms and Equality, Rebecca Buttigieg, echoed these sentiments, applauding the honourees for their invaluable contributions towards building a more equitable and inclusive society. She reaffirmed the government’s commitment to advancing gender equality and pledged continued support for initiatives that empower women.

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Spring Time in Gozo 2024 Program Unveiled

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The Minister for Gozo and Planning, Clint Camilleri, has officially launched the highly anticipated Spring Time in Gozo 2024 program. This diverse cultural initiative, spanning six weeks, promises to cater to the interests of the entire family.

Among the plethora of activities lined up are Science in the Citadel, the enchanting Memories concert, the captivating Opera La Bohème, Lejl Imkebbes, and the much-awaited Malta International Fireworks Festival Gozo Special, along with numerous other engaging events.

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“The rich cultural tapestry woven through various events in Gozo captivates the attention of both locals and tourists alike. Our objective is to enrich the experiences of all visitors to Gozo, whether they seek relaxation with family and friends or engage in professional endeavors,” remarked Minister Camilleri.

Highlighting the allure of springtime in Gozo, Minister Camilleri emphasized its suitability for outdoor activities, leveraging the region’s Mediterranean charm and delightful weather.

Minister Clint Camilleri expressed optimism for the upcoming summer, heralded as the peak season in Gozo. He underscored the abundance of offerings awaiting both locals and tourists, including the island’s rich history, pristine beaches, culinary delights, and an extensive array of events meticulously curated by the Directorate of Cultural Heritage within the Ministry.

For those seeking more information, the program details can be accessed via eventsingozo.com or through the Spring Time in Gozo 2024 booklet available at https://issuu.com/visitgozo/docs/spring_booklet_2024.