Girls over-16 in Spain to be allowed abortion rights without need for parental consent

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Girls over-16 in Spain to be allowed abortion rights without need for parental consent

Spain has just approved a draft bill that would remove the necessary requirement for 16-year-old girls to have parental consent before terminating pregnancies. 

The new bill, aimed at reforming a previous abortion law approved by the Conservative party in 2015, was described as a new step forward for democracy by government spokeswoman Isabel Rodriguez. 

Should the bill be approved, Spain will become the first European country to offer its workers paid menstrual leave as well. Voluntary abortion in Spain is allowed up until the 14th week of pregnancy. 

However, doctors in the overall traditionally Roman Catholic country, will still be able to sign up to a register of conscientious objectors. This comes as equality minister Irene Montero states that government institutions needed to discard taboos, stigmas and guilt regarding women’s bodies. 

The bill aims to grant employees three days of sick leave for painful periods, potentially even extending it to five days for particularly intense on incapacitating pain. Tighter restrictions will be imposed on surrogacy, which is already banned in the country. 


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Europe and North America detect rare monkeypox outbreaks

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Europe and North America detect rare monkeypox outbreaks

North American and European health authorities have detected several suspected or confirmed cases of rare monkeypox starting early May. 

Raising concerns that the disease, endemic in parts of Africa, is spreading, Canada was also the latest country to report it was investigating more than a dozen cases. 

Spain and Portugal detected more than 40 possible and verified cases, with Britain confirming nine cases since May 6th and the USA verifying its first case Wednesday. 

The World Health Organisation (WHO) revealed Tuesday that it was coordinating with health officials in aforementioned countries over the new outbreaks. 

Monkeypox is an illness which most people recover from within several weeks, only proving fatal in rare cases. The WHO also revealed that it was investigating how many cases reported were people identifying as gay, bisexual or as men who have sex with other men. 

The UKHSA noted that monkeypox has not previously been characterised as a sexually transmitted disease, as it can be passed on by direct contact during sex. The illness starts with flu-like symptoms before causing a chicken-pox like rash. 

According to the CDC, there were no reported cases of monkeypox for 40 years before it re-emerged in Nigeria in 2017. It currently poses no risk to the public however, as health authorities see how to address the outbreak. 


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Frankfurt beat Rangers on penalties to win UEFA Europa League

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German side Frankfurt have beaten historic Scottish team Rangers in a penalty shootout to claim their first ever UEFA Europa League. The final was held in Seville, the stadium of six time champions Sevilla FC.


The first 90 minutes of the game was very close, with both teams looking up for the spectacle and a historic win for both their clubs. Rangers had more control of the ball but Frankfurt with the use of their well planned counter attacks had more clear cut chances in the first half. The first goal of the game came in the 57th minute when Rangers’ striker Joe Aribo capitalized on a massive mistake made by the Frankfurt defence. The next goal didn’t take as long to come as the first one, as Frankfurt equalized through a Rafael Borre goal only 12 minutes after Rangers’ opener. The game ended in a close draw meaning extra time was needed.

Extra time was very similar to the previous 90 minutes with both teams having their fair share of chances. The second half of extra time seemed more to go in Rangers favour as they seemed more up for it. Rangers winger Ryan Kent missed a golden opportunity in they dying minutes of the game when German keeper Kevin Trapp produced an incredible save. After a Rangers free kick was saved the 120 minutes were up and penalties were needed to separate the two teams.

The quality of the penalties were all very good, except unfortunately for Rangers the one of Aaron Ramsay. The Welsh midfielder decided to take a chance and shoot it down the middle but was denied by Kevin Trapp’s long legs. As Frankfurt scored all five of their penalties, they won the match and lifted the Europa League title. This also means that they will be playing Champions League football next season.


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Strong support towards Casa’s Social Climate Fund; “millions invested in Malta’s households”

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Strong support towards David Casa's Social Climate Fund; "will see millions invested in Maltese households"

A game-changing legislation led by Maltese MEP David Casa has received widespread support within the European Parliament after a crucial vote held today.

The vote in the joint EMPL-ENVI Committee follows months of negotiations in an attempt to find compromises in key parts of the draft regulations of the Social Climate Funds which, amongst others, “will see millions invested in Maltese households over the next decade.”

The key proposals include expansion of green mobility, financial support to incentivise access to private zero-emission vehicles and improved public transport. This fund will deliver billions across the European Union including Malta which, despite its low emissions, is rising at one of the highest rates.

Casa expressed his pleasure in seeing that compromises were accepted in totally, highlighting that “the feedback [they] received from colleagues was that [their] work on the Social Climate Fund greatly improved what the European Commission proposed.”

The votes expressed in European Parliament confirm the support for proposals which will greatly impact climate measures on citizens.


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