Girl who voiced giant Squid Game doll not allowed to watch show

 - TV - Nov 23
Girl who voiced giant Squid Game doll not allowed to watch show

Despite Squid Game being Netflix’s biggest show ever, a cultural debate over whether young kids should be allowed to watch the gory show also struck the internet.And ironically enough, Reagan To, the ten year old girl who voiced the giant Red Light Green Light doll in the English language dub of the series, isn’t being allowed to watch the series by her parents. 

The young voice actress spoke to The Morning Show in Australia through video chat, saying that she hasn’t watched any of it. ‘My mum has shown me just a little bit but right before the violent part she just dropped it. And even my brother, he’s fourteen, and my parents don’t even allow him to watch it.’ 

Even those who haven’t watched the series have a semblance of what the Red Light Green Light scene consisted of. Some schools even raised concerns over kids playing non-murderous but still problematic versions of the game on the yard. The TV show hosts however went on to play an online stream version with Reagan to finish off the programme. She was a massive sport despite not having watched any of it. Who knows whether she’ll get a voice cameo in season 2. 


Photo Source: Dezeen, IMDb

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