Skin cancer has doubled over the past two years; Intersport’s SUMMERSKIN campaign urges you to stay safe and offers free bottle of sunscreen.

Get a FREE bottle of sunscreen with purchases over €75 at Intersport Malta
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Now that we’re at summer’s peak, it’s quite easy to understand how difficult it is to be out and about whilst protecting yourself from the scorching sun.

Getting from point A to point B is already difficult enough, let alone trying to take care of the summer body you worked so hard for; which is why Intersport’s Summer Skin campaign deserves a checking out.

The local sports brand believes that physical activity should not be a seasonal engagement but something which should be maintained throughout the entire year.

Sports enthusiasts invest heavily in regular workouts & a healthy lifestyle but, given the circumstances, must balance them with adequate knowledge of skin protection in the summer conditions. Throughout the years, the incidence of malignant melanoma (a form of skin cancer) in Malta has increased, with one in eight diagnosed people dying as a result.

In fact, this form of skin cancer has doubled over the past two years; making now more important than ever to start taking care of your skin.

According to the latest WHO data published in 2020, Skin Cancer Deaths in Malta reached 14, or 0.43%, of total deaths. As of 2018, one in eight people diagnosed with skin cancer in Malta die of the disease. 

Going further back, up to 87 people died of primary melanoma between 2007 and 2016. Despite being curable if caught on early, lack of awareness leads to the cancer spreading before it can be properly treated. 

That’s why Intersport Malta do not only offer training gear which is ideal for summer activities, but are offering free sunscreen with purchases over €75. What could be more encouraging to train in summer?

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8 year old grievously injured in traffic accident

8 year old grievously injured in traffic accident
Aug 8 2022 Share

Police were informed yesterday evening at around 1915hrs that a traffic accident had taken place in Bingemma, Rabat. 

The police convened on site and preliminary investigations showed that a crash had occurred between a Ford Fiesta driven by a 39-year-old Ħaż-Żebbuġ resident and a 24-year-old Rabat resident driving a KTM motorcycle. An 8-year-old was riding along in the Ford. 

A medical team were called on site and took the motorcyclist and the 8-year-old to Mater Dei Hospital. They were both certified as having suffered grievous injuries. 

Investigations are still ongoing. 


23-year-old man charged with hit-and-run that killed Antoine Degabriele

Man to be charged with hit-and-run that killed Antoine Degabriele
Aug 7 2022 Share

A 23-year-old man resident of Birzebbuga is set to be charged in court on Sunday with the fatal hit and run which took place in Zejtun last Friday.

The victim was a Zejtun resident by the name of Antoine Degabriele, who was found on the pavement on Triq President Anton Buttigieg. The 51-year-old was pronounced dead on the spot.

The police said on Sunday morning that the suspect was being charged later on that morning. Investigations had led to police to discover that the car used in the incident was a Mazda Demio.

Police were alerted to incident by an anonymous call. Car parts of the vehicle, including a bumper and a side mirror, were found in the vicinity. 

The accused, Dean Donovan Frendo, was accused of the involuntary killing of Degabriele, whilst also being accused of driving with excessive velocity, of not possessing a valid driving license as well as tampering with evidence. The accused plead not guilty to the accusations but did not plead to be released from arrest. 


Photo Source: TVM

Study reveals interest in superhero movies is officially dropping

Study reveals interest in superhero movies is officially dropping
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Despite both Marvel and DC ramping up the production of their superhero content, namely movies and accompanying TV series, studies have suggested that public interest is officially waning. 

A study carried out by Morning Consult revealed that 59% of respondents enjoyed superhero movies, and despite this being quite a large number, it is still a drop from 64%. 

The number of self-identified Marvel fans who like superhero movies is also dropping, going from 87% to around 82% last November. This comes after Marvel announced two whole new phases of movies. 

We are set to get 10 new projects, with some only being titles at this point in time, and competitors like DC also pumping out their own respective flicks. 

It might not be the end of superhero movies just yet however, as four out of the top 10 highest grossing films of all time are all superhero centred, with the likes of ‘Endgame’ and ‘No Way Home’ breaking massive records. 

In fact, Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness and Thor: Love and Thunder have become some of the highest grossing movies of 2022, despite not being Marvel’s best ranked entries. 

A challenge the likes of Marvel are facing now is moving away from more iconic characters like Iron Man and Captain America. The Infinity Saga saw a whole army of fans rushing to theatres, but whether this can be maintained with lesser known characters, and even actors, remains to be seen.