Germany will go into lockdown over Christmas

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Germany will go into lockdown over the Christmas period because of record levels of deaths and infections.

Non-essential shops will close as from Wednesday, as well as schools.


Il-Quċċu known as, ‘Ċ-Ċampjin Tas-Sex’ passes away

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Leli Aquilina known as, ‘Il-Quċċu’ passed away last Saturday after fighting a tough battle against cancer.

Leli was known for speaking with no limits or boundaries.



Gmail is reportedly down

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Google’s Gmail is reportedly experiencing problems.

Several accounts are temporarily unavailable at the moment along with users reporting other issues as well.


Mary Rose Mallia sings ‘Il-Festa’ to announce her return to national television

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Maryrose Mallia announces her return to National Television by singing her famous song, ‘Il-Festa’.

Maryrose will be featuring in an all-new Drama by the title of, ‘Ilahwa’.



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