Germany surpasses 100,000 COVID deaths as pandemic worsens worldwide

 - COVID-19 - Nov 25
Germany surpasses 100,000 COVID deaths as pandemic worsens worldwide

As the amount of infections spikes considerably in Europe, Germany has become the latest country to record 100,000 deaths from COVID-19 since the start of the pandemic. Germany’s disease control agency reported 351 deaths in the past 24 hours due to COVID-19, bringing up the tragic tally to 100,119. This makes Germany the fifth country in the EU to pass that 100,000 mark, after Russia (263K), the UK (144K), Italy (133K) and France (121K). 

There are currently 259M total cases worldwide, with 5.17 million deaths reported since the start of the pandemic. An additional 8,532 deaths were recorded in the past 24 hours. The country leading the charge in terms of deaths is the US at a whopping 776K deaths. India tallied 467K deaths in second place, followed by Brazil at 613K deaths. The aforementioned UK and Russia place 4th and 5th. In order to address this devastating epidemiological situation, many countries have started to reintroduce several health measures which were relaxed just a few months ago. 

Italy is the latest country to do so, deciding to exclude anyone who is unvaccinated from certain activities. Starting December 6th, only vaccinated people or those recovered from the virus will be able to eat at indoor restaurants, go to sport events, etc. This follows other countries moving to take such measures, with Austria going so far as to make vaccination mandatory as of February of next year. Italy will be following such footsteps, making the jab mandatory for all school employees, law enforcement and military. 

Malta has so far registered 464 total deaths ever since the pandemic started. Malta also managed to keep one of the lowest death rates per million for the past few weeks, largely due to the successful vaccine rollout. 


Photo Source: The New Indian Express

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