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G7 Fridays open this Friday and that means summer’s finally here!

G7 Fridays open this Friday and that means summer is finally here!
May 24 2023 Share

The sun is finally out, and right on time as G7 Fridays finally reopens its doors to the legendary Gianpula Main Room this Friday.

G7 Fridays is synonymous with summer vibes, and one could say summer unofficially starts with the iconic Friday club night. With a stellar lineup of local favourites including Debrii, Koroma, Miggy, D-Rey, Cleaven, Kieren, Gabii, Nagem, Sar, JD Patrick, and Supre, an unmissable night is in store.

With a levelled-up stage and iconic palm tree backdrop, Gianpula Main Room provides the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable summer season. Whether you’re a seasoned partygoer or someone seeking to kickstart your summer in style, G7 Fridays has been THE summer party location for years and we can understand why.

So make sure you have your membership secured, clubbing outfit ready, dancing shoes prepped and get ready to kickstart summer in style at G7 Fridays.

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Collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Laws to make a compendium of laws that regulate construction

Collaboration agreement with the Faculty of Laws to make a compendium of laws that regulate construction
May 24 2023 Share

A collaboration agreement was signed between the Ministry for Public Works and Planning and the University of Malta to consolidate construction laws in Malta.

The signing of the agreement was presided by the Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi and the Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research, and Innovation Clifton Grima.

This MoU will establish a collaborative effort between the Ministry for Public Works and Planning, and the Faculty of Laws at the University of Malta with the intention to work closely on matters relating to the regulation of the construction industry.

The Faculty of Laws will be hiring students who are currently studying law at a Masters’ Level. 

Under the supervision of their lecturers, they will identify all the laws that in one way or another are connected to the Building and Construction Authority and see if the laws affecting the matters of the Building and Construction Authority are compatible with other existing general laws such as the Code of Police Laws, the -Civil Code and the Criminal Code.

Where a lack of compatibility is found, the Faculty of Laws will put forward suggestions on the changes that are necessary so that the laws are more reflective of today’s realities.

The Minister for Public Works and Planning Stefan Zrinzo Azzopardi said that through this agreement we will not only be increasing the necessary legal knowledge in this sector. It will also serve as an opportunity to prepare the legal professionals of tomorrow for the current realities of the construction industry. 

While reminding that the Government is determined to use every available resource to carry out its work, he said that today’s agreement will be beneficial for society in order to pave the way for high quality construction industry.

The Minister for Education, Sport, Youth, Research and Innovation Clifton Grima spoke about the importance of students who are continuing their studies engage in practice apart from academic knowledge. 

He said that through this agreement, more University students will not only obtain this practice, but through it they are making a valuable contribution to society. 

This will be done because these students will be involved in a project, not only essential and important for our country, but also a project that will help them in their studies. Above all, a project that should lead to improving the country’s laws.

Meanwhile, the rector of the University of Malta, Professor Alfred J Vella reiterated in his speech that through such collaboration, the University of Malta will be in a position to actively assist the Ministry in its mission as related to the construction industry. We look forward to the outcome of this agreement and hope to have more useful collaborations of the sort in the future.

The agreement was signed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry for Public Works and Planning, Mr. Carlos Tabone, the Rector of the University of Malta, Professor Alfred J Vella and the Dean of the Faculty of Law, Dr. Ivan Mifsud.


Over 80 residents’ groups, student and cultural organisations endorse Saturday protest

Over 80 residents’ groups, student and cultural organisations endorse Saturday protest
May 24 2023 Share

Over 80 groups, including residents’ organisations from all over Malta and Gozo, have endorsed an upcoming protest calling for environmental and planning reform. The list of endorsing groups can be viewed here: https://xebbajtuna.org/#endorsements

Saturday’s protest, titled Xebbajtuna! Bidla fl-Ambjent u l-Ippjanar ISSA!, is being organised in the context of widespread public outrage on several environmental and planning decisions across Malta and Gozo.

The endorsing organisations span various sectors, including student organisations, academics, animal welfare organisations, cultural groups, religious organisations, workers’ groups, human rights’ NGOs, farmers’ rights groups and even a childcare centre.

They also include residents’ groups from all over Malta and Gozo, spanning from Marsaskala to Qormi, Mġarr to Nadur. 256 academics at the University of Malta have also endorsed Saturday’s protest. In a statement, the organisers said it is clear that rampant and unbridled construction has upset everyone.

“People across Malta are fed up with the reckless state of our planning institutions, regardless of their background,” the organisers said. “This Saturday, people will gather at the Triton Fountain in a rallying cry for our authorities to listen to our demands, to improve Malta’s conditions for us and for our children,” they added.

The groups are demanding a change in planning policies, radical reform in environment, planning and lands institutions, and a shift to an economic model that focuses on quality of life instead of endless economic growth.

The organisers invite people to join them tomorrow Thursday 25th May for placard-making in preparation for Saturday’s protest. The activity is taking place at 67, Strait Street, Valletta from 6 pm onwards. The national protest is on Saturday at 10.30am starting from Triton Fountain. It is being organised by eight organisations: Moviment Graffitti, Friends of the Earth Malta, Flimkien għal Ambjent Aħjar, Din l-Art Ħelwa, Nature Trust Malta, Għawdix, BirdLife Malta and Ramblers’ Association


PN MP Alex Borg addresses high cost of living concerns

PN MP Alex Borg addresses high cost of living concerns
May 24 2023 Share

Nationalist MP Alex Borg took to Facebook to discuss the rising cost of living by relaying some experiences shared with him through messages by the public. 

‘I receive messages on a daily basis over how high the cost of living is getting’ wrote Borg. ‘These types of messages did not stop from before the election and before I became an MP.

He recounted the messages of a single mother trying to restart her life, an MCAST student contemplating starting work as a courier, a clerk from Gozo whose wife is expecting and works with the government who with €1100 and a daily fast ferry still worries about whether he’ll be able to make ends meet and others. 

What good is having economic growth if it means less money in people’s pockets’ asked Borg. ‘That at the end of the month you’re left wondering “how is this possible? What am I doing wrong?”’ 

‘You’re not doing anything wrong’ he said. ‘Why are we feeling like we’re chasing our tails?’ 

‘Prices have exploded and the government has done very little to tackle the problem. It’s useless for the government to say that the rise in other countries was higher.’ 

‘In other countries, the clerk does not get paid €1100 per month and the courier does not work in precariat. And not everyone in Malta is a CEO or a person of trust.’ 

‘I therefore work hard for the country because with not stolen money one could do massive differences in prices. In the coming weeks, me and my team will be showing how big this problem is. How big the difference is. And we will show what we can do as a government.’