Further study on underground rail system

 - Budget 2021 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

Following the first phase of a study on an alternative means of public transport, a further study will be conducted on the introduction of a metropolitan underground light rail system.

This second phase will include, amongst others, detailed geotechnical investigations, seismic studies and a study on the necessary utilities.

Following this study, the Government will be in a position to decide whether the project is viable or not.

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Financial aid for Air Malta

 - Budget 2021 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

The Government will be applying for State Aid clearance from the European Commission so that it can provide financial assistance to Air Malta’ to help it recover following the financial decline as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In the coming days, an application for State Aid from the European Commission will be submitted.

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Increased investment in the digital sector

 - Budget 2021 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

A new Digital Strategy – ‘Digital Economy Think Tank’ – will be established to further consolidate capital investment in the digital sector.

Focus will be made on technology such as Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Immersive Technology, 3D Printing, Quantum and High Performance Computing.

Further implementation on Artificial Intelligence (AI) projects in the academic, health and transport sectors will continue next year.


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Tax exemption for voluntary organisations

 - Budget 2021 - Oct 19 2020 SHARE ON:

All voluntary organisations registering an income of less than €50,000 shall be exempt from paying taxes on their yearly profits.

These organisations shall be monitored by Government for transparency of donations collected and its distribution.

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