Further Enforcement On Buġibba Following Public Outcry

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Further Enforcement On Buġibba Following Public Outcry

After a number of incidents and a social media public outcry, a reinforced effort on the locality of Bugibba has seen a number of authorities taking action. 

The Malta Police Force conducted further inspections in connection with irregular immigration. Assisted by the Detention Services, more than 50 individuals were checked and 17 were arrested. Their return process was immediately initiated. 

The persons arrested were taken to a Detention Centre, where an additional 37 individuals who were found during the last days are also being kept, the Malta Police Force explained. 

Meanwhile, Minister for Tourism Clayton Bartolo shared on social media how a conjoined effort between the Cleansing and Maintenance Division and Armed Forces of Malta is seeing more work in St Paul’s Bay, Buġibba and Qawra. 

‘The cleansing and maintenance work being done on the coast is being conducted daily and complemented by enforcement on those who break the public peace and breaking littering rules.’

‘In the past few days, Human Resources in the zone have increased to reach the residential area with further interventions to complement those done by the local council.’ 


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Local Dog Goes Viral For Underwater Fetch

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Local Dog Goes Viral For Underwater Fetch

A local dog, whose videos are uploaded to TikTok on the account ‘underwaterbeast’, is going absolutely viral as he plays fetch… but under water!


#divingdog #malta🇲🇹 #viralvideo

♬ Ashley (Look at me) – Rahul Sehzada

The TikTok account has various videos showing the dog retrieving her favourite toys and trinkets whilst swimming and diving. A whopping 12.1K followers and 557.5K likes have been amassed as of time of writing. 


#fetchdog #divingdog #getmeveiws

♬ Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood & The Destroyers

Of course, the dog’s owner is the one taking care of the uploads and the edits. The good girl is just enjoying her time at the beach and playing fetch!

A video uploaded to the Instagram page explains how the dog had almost drowned in a quarry when she was a puppy. However, ‘love helped her overcome fear of water and turn it into a game’. 


Replying to @Krissi1788

♬ Enemy – Tommee Profitt & Beacon Light & Sam Tinnesz


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Spain Captain Told Of Dad’s Death After World Cup Victory

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Spain Captain Told Of Dad's Death After World Cup Victory

Following her decisive goal in the Women’s World Cup final that secured Spain’s victory over England, Olga Carmona, the captain of the Spanish team, received heartbreaking news. 

After the match, she was informed of her father’s passing. At 23 years old, Carmona’s triumphant goal earned Spain the coveted trophy in a hard-fought contest.

Tragically, Carmona’s father had been battling a prolonged illness and eventually succumbed to it on Friday, as reported by Reuters. 

In a touching tribute on social media, the Real Madrid left-back expressed her feelings: “I know you have been watching me tonight and that you are proud of me. Rest in peace, dad.” 

Accompanying her heartfelt words was an image of her affectionately kissing her championship medal.

Carmona continued her emotional reflection, sharing, “And unbeknownst to me, I carried my guiding star even before the game began. I understand that your strength has propelled me to achieve this extraordinary feat.” 

A symbol of her victory, a golden star, is affixed to the jersey of World Cup winners, placed above the national team crest, with each successful tournament.

In a statement on social media, the Spanish Football Association (RFEF) expressed its condolences: “The RFEF deeply regrets to announce the death of Olga Carmona’s father. The footballer learned the sad news after the World Cup final. We send our most sincere embrace to Olga and her family in a moment of deep sorrow. We love you, Olga, you are Spanish soccer history.”


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A Happy Ending For Locally Rescued Hedgehog Family

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A happy ending for a locally rescued hedgehog family

Wildlife Rescue Team Malta took to social media to share the happy ending to a locally rescued hedgehog family, picked up from under a boat in the Birgu Regatta Club.

A mother hedgehog along with her newborn babies, called hoglets, were rescued on the 1st of July and taken into rehabilitation to provide a safe space for the babies to grow with their mother. 

‘The babies thrive much more when they’re with their mother, and learn normal hunting and hedgehog behaviour more easily than when they need to be hand-reared’, the NGO explained.

After observing that they could fend on their own in case they get separated from their mother, they were released back into the wild. 

‘Good luck little fellas, try to stay out of trouble’, wrote the NGO. ‘All the animals we rescue are protected species and it is illegal in Malta to keep them as pets.’ 

‘If you spot any of the wild animals that we rescue injured or in danger, please call the Wildlife Rescue Team on 99999505.’ 


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