French President Emmanuel Macron tests positive for COVID-19

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French President Emmanuel Macron is reported to have tested positive for COVID-19 after developing some symptoms.

The 42-year-old will still oversee his presidential responsibilities but will work remotely for the time being.

France has so far registered over 2 million COVID-19 cases with close to 60,000 deaths.


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England to announce revised COVID-19 measures later today

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England’s Minister for Health Matt Hancock will be announcing revised COVID-19 restrictions later today after pressure from regional leaders.

This widespread pressure came in light of the decreased daily cases in England while health authorities are still appealing for caution.

Currently, more than 61% of the population is living under strict COVID-19 restrictions.


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Marsa athletics stadium to be transformed into a world-class venue

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Marsa’s Athletics Stadium is marked to be transformed into a world-class athlete venue.

Athletics Malta is behind this infrastructural project and it was announced by Andy Grech who is the Athletics Malta president.

Four athletes are the brains behind this project; Paula Grech, Dario Mangion, Julian Mifsud and Luke Micallef.


Lamborghini created this V12 road legal one-off car for a special customer

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The SC20 is said to be the most extreme version of a road-legal V12 supercar.

It also seems that this car was inspired by past as well as present Lambo models.

Under the hood, the SC20 packs a 6.5-litre V12 engine with 760bhp and 531 lb ft of torque.


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