#FreeBritney movement continues as spears denied suspension request

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Supporters of the #FreeBritney movement remain in outrage after Britney Spears was denied her court request to remove her reportedly ‘abusive’ father from conservatorship.

The 39-year-old former pop star has been enthralled in a legal battle to remove her father’s conservatorship and regain control of her estate following after her infamous meltdown back in 2008 and a subsequent number of trials and tribulations.

Hundreds of celebrities took to social media to share their support and sympathy with Britney including the likes of Iggy Azalea, Kesha, Dua Lipa, Tiesto and many more.

Amongst many controversial conditions of the conservatorship, the arrangement allows Britney’s father to control her career and finances (in turn, making money) along with not allowing her to marry or have children.


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MCAST ICT students to have lectures in summer due to ‘forgotten’ unit

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MCAST ICT students to have lectures in summer due to 'forgotten' units

Would-be MCAST ICT graduates have been notified that they will have to conduct one final unit over the summer due to a ‘noticed error’ in the curriculum.

One student noted that after handing in their dissertation and ‘parting ways in peace’ received an abrupt email notifying the student that the forgotten unit will be held over the summer break between July 6 and August 6 with two 3-hour lectures per week via Microsoft Teams.

One student noted that this will be a very hurdle to cross due to full-time work and planned holidays, beyond the fact that lecture will have to be held during the supposed summer holidays.

It has been noted that such shortcomings often go undeterred, to the detriment of the students, and this situation in particular may disrupt summer plans previously made by the prospective graduates.


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Architects charged with Miriam Pace’s involuntary murder sentenced almost 900 hours of community of service

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Architects charged with Miriam Pace's involuntary murder sentenced 900 hours of community of service

Architects Roderick Camilleri and Anthony Mangion have been found guilty of causing the death of 54-year-old Miriam Pace back in March 2020 after her Ħamrun residence shockingly collapsed.

Camilleri and Mangion were sentenced 900 hours of community service by Magistrate Joe Mifsud for the involuntary murder of Pace and damage to other properties.

Magistrate Mifsud noted that the Pace family must have justice and not injustice, sentencing Camilleri to 480 hours of community work and a €10,000 fine and Mangion 400 hours and an €8,000 fine, along with a total €40,000 in court expenses.



Malta’s current heatwave may be its longest ever

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Malta is currently undergoing a record-breaking heatwave, with the island registering its hottest June day ever on June 25 at a scorching 41.3… and it shows no signs of slowing down.

Weather forecasters from malteseislandsweather.com have stated that they expect the temperatures to keep rising over 35 until July 4 at the very least.

The country’s blazing temperatures raise not only health concerns but speak volumes about the world’s current climate as heatwaves persist across Europe.


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