Free Divers Join Zibel To Clean Malta’s Sea Bed

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Free Divers Join Zibel To Clean Malta's Sea Bed

NGO Zibel shared a video working with a couple of free divers who, without the use of oxygen tanks, dove down to the local sea bed to retrieve polluting rubbish and clean up the Kalanka area. 

The video shows the divers submerging into the water and resurfacing to place the pollutants in sacks to be removed from the sea bed. 


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‘Last Friday these free divers showed us what they’re capable of and boy were we impressed’, wrote Zibel, anticipating further collaborations.

Have you ever contributed to a sea clean up?



AirMalta Chairman Bags €10,000 Director’s Fee, Minister Reveals

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AirMalta Chairman Bags €10,000 Director's Fee, Minister Reveals

Finance minister Clyde Caruana has responded to an ethics complaint against him for allegedly misleading Parliament by providing additional details about Air Malta chairman and CEO David Curmi’s salary. 

In a letter to the Speaker of the House, the Standards Commissioner for Public Life, and the media, Caruana clarified that Curmi receives a monthly salary of €21,500 along with an annual director’s fee of €10,000.

Caruana stated that he was informed of the director’s fee by Curmi himself on Thursday and denied any intention to mislead Parliament. The controversy arose when independent candidate Arnold Cassola raised concerns about Caruana’s alleged denial of Curmi’s reported €250,000 salary.

Curmi took up his role in January 2021 during Air Malta’s restructuring efforts to prevent bankruptcy, leading to significant workforce reductions and route closures. The high salary of the chairman has raised eyebrows, especially given the economic challenges faced by many Maltese citizens.

A Freedom of Information request by The Shift revealed Curmi’s €21,500 monthly salary, which Caruana had not initially disclosed in the document submitted to the House detailing appointees’ salaries under his purview. The situation has prompted calls for an ethics investigation into Caruana’s handling of the matter and the appropriateness of Curmi’s salary as a state company chairman.


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Freddie Mercury’s Private Collection On Exhibition Before Auction

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Freddie Mercury's Private Collection On Exhibition Before Auction

A stunning exhibition featuring hundreds of items owned by Freddie Mercury, the iconic Queen frontman, is now on display at Sotheby’s central London gallery. 

The exhibition, designed to resemble Mercury’s former home, showcases over 1,400 lots set to be auctioned in six stages.

Among the remarkable items is a treasured Yamaha baby grand piano, estimated to fetch up to £3 million, on which Mercury composed numerous hits. Also on display is the replica of Britain’s St Edward’s Crown and an accompanying cloak, worn by Mercury during his 1980s stage performances, including at Live Aid.

The showcase also features elements from his Japanese collection, including decorative arts, glass, ceramics, and graphic arts. Furniture from his Garden Lodge home, a kitchen with an operating 1941 Wurlitzer jukebox, and unique musical manuscripts, including working drafts of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” are part of the collection.

The auction is being organized by Mary Austin, one of Mercury’s closest friends who cared for the items after his passing. The proceeds will partly benefit the Mercury Phoenix Trust and the Elton John Aids Foundation. 

The exhibition is a tribute to Mercury’s love for collecting and will give fans a glimpse into the various facets of his personality through the autobiographical pieces on display.


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20% Increase In Tourists Coming To Malta Over June 2022

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20% Increase In Tourists Coming To Malta Over June 2022

During the reviewed month, Malta welcomed 267,585 inbound tourists for holidays and 15,060 for business, the NSO reveals.

The largest group was aged between 25 and 44, accounting for 40.9% of visitors, followed by the 45-64 age bracket at 29.6%. UK, Italy, and French residents made up 47.0% of the total inbound tourists.

Total nights spent increased by 22.4% compared to June 2022, reaching over 1.9 million nights. Most guest nights (87.4%) were in rented accommodations, and the average length of stay was 6.6 nights.

Tourist expenditure reached nearly €286.5 million, showing a 32.1% rise from the same month in 2022, with an average expenditure of €147.2 per night.

For January to June 2023, inbound tourists rose by 43.8%, totalling 1,289,292 visitors, while nights spent grew by 35.9%, surpassing 8.1 million nights.

Total tourist expenditure amounted to €1,036.8 million, a 48.8% increase from 2022, with a per capita spending of €804, up from €777 in 2022.


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