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Four signs that you NEED a Gozo getaway ASAP (and how to satisfy them)

This is your sign that you need a Gozo getaway ASAP!
May 13 2023 Share

As summer begins to approach and life seemingly goes into overdrive before the sunny season, the amount of commitments seem to increase, work gets more tiring and you probably feel like your mind can’t catch a break. Well it can; resting is an integral part of a healthy life and what better way to rest than with a relaxing Gozo getaway at the Murella Living B&B! So if you’re feeling one (or more) of these signs, book yourself a rest day or two!

You’re tired

A change of setting will do you some good, so chill out and recharge in one of Murella Living’s gorgeous rooms. With multiple options at varying price points to choose from, you’ll definitely find something that suits you.

You’re overwhelmed

Ease your mind with a dip in the in-room bath at Murella’s Deluxe Double Room and clear your thoughts from any stress-inducing issues. A hot bath, followed by a cool dip in Marsalforn’s gorgeous beaches will definitely do the trick.

You feel like you’re stuck doing the same thing

Switch up the routine by going for lunch or dinner at one of the many jaw-dropping restaurants Marsalforn has to offer. You don’t even need to drive to enjoy a luxurious meal, followed by a full night’s sleep.

You’re bored

Add some spice to your life and reignite the tourist in you by basking in Gozo’s world of culture and heritage. Murella’s unique décor reflecting the island’s rich history will give you a taste of what to expect before you go out to see the real thing.

But that’s not all – Murella Living B&B is situated in the heart of Marsalforn, with the largest concentration of bars, restaurants and cafes on the island just a stone’s throw away. You can indulge in some delicious local cuisine, sample the finest wines, or simply relax with a drink while taking in the stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea.

Nestled near the picturesque Marsalforn seafront, this amazing property boasts 24 individually designed rooms, each inspired by Gozo’s classical sights and traditional motifs. Don’t miss out on a much needed staycation at Murella Living B&B this summer. Book your stay now and experience the best of Gozo!

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Yazmin Helledie turns 28

Yazmin Helledie turns 28
May 13 2023 Share

Recently announced Love Island Malta host, Yazmin Helledie, is turning 28 today.


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Yazmin rose to prominence during X-Factor Malta season 2 when she was paired with James Mifsud and tutored by Howard Keith.

But there is more to Yazmin outside of the world of music, having graduated from the University of Malta with a degree in B.Sc Communication Therapy and spending time working as an LSE with students.

Her latest gig as Love Island Malta host will undoubtedly push Helledie’s career forward, considering the popularity the programme has achieved off of Maltese shores.


“Living in your ego stops growth” – Neil Agius.

Neil Agius
May 13 2023 Share

Neil Agius, a record-breaking swimmer and ocean advocate, recently announced his next challenge of swimming 160 kilometers between Mallorca and Ibiza from June 25th to July 17th. This feat will require a whopping 70 hours of swimming and 175,000 strokes. Agius is no stranger to taking on seemingly impossible challenges. He previously set a record for the longest ocean swim by swimming over 135km from Linosa to Malta in around 50 hours in 2021.

Yesterday evening, he captured the attention of many with his recent social media post where he shared a photo of his personal journal, revealing quotes that he lives by and that push him to be the best version of himself. These quotes have helped him overcome some of the toughest ocean challenges and reflect his champion mentality. The post has highlighted Agius’ mental and emotional preparation, as well as his physical preparation, for his upcoming challenge.


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Agius is also the co-founder of the ‘Wave of Change’ campaign, which focuses on raising awareness of plastic pollution and promoting ocean conservation. By sharing his personal journal, Agius continues to inspire and advocate for ocean conservation, encouraging others to take action and make a positive impact on the environment.

Agius’ dedication and passion for ocean conservation have earned him a reputation as a great inspiration and advocate. Through his incredible achievements and his personal ethos, he continues to inspire others to challenge themselves and make a difference in the world.


Oldest Male Lion in the World Killed

Oldest Male Lion in the World Killed
May 13 2023 Share

A male lion named Loonkiito, believed to be one of the oldest in the world, was killed after attempting to take livestock from a community in Kenya.

The lion was 19 years old and was born in 2004. He lived in the Amboseli-tsavo ecosystem, which is an area in Kenya that protects hundreds of species of wildlife and over 1.3 million acres of land across four national parks. The news of Loonkiito’s death was announced by the conservation organization Lion Guardians on social media, expressing their “heavy hearts” and stating that Loonkiito was the “oldest male lion in our ecosystem and possibly in Africa”.


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A post shared by Lion Guardians (@lionguardians_)

Loonkiito was killed in Olkelunyiet village, and the charity explained that a drought in the area had made it difficult for lions to find wild prey, making hunting for food much trickier for them. As a result, Loonkiito and other lions were forced to turn to the local communities’ livestock for food. The communities were already vigilant and protective about their remaining animals, and this led to the lion trying to take livestock from the village.

Lion Guardians explained in a statement that “Unfortunately, Loonkiito was caught up in this dynamic as he was starving and jumped into an animal pen in the middle of the night.” The charity recognized that the situation was tough for both the community and the lion.

However, Lion Guardians also noted that a decade ago, no lions in the Amboseli-tsavo ecosystem lived beyond the age of 10. Loonkiito’s impressive longevity, along with other lions around a similar age, was credited to the efforts of “the communities who bear the burden of sharing land with lions”. The charity said that it would remember Loonkiito as a symbol of “resilience and coexistence”, and it emphasized the importance of continuing efforts to protect wildlife and foster peaceful coexistence between people and animals.


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