Former Waste Treatment Site To Transform Into Marsascala Park

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Former Waste Treatment Site To Transform Into Marsascala Park

WasteServ submits plans to transform the Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant into a green recreational space, spanning circa 23,800 square metres.

The site which houses the Sant’Antnin Waste Treatment Plant is set to be transformed into a green recreational space, in a proposed project spearheaded to give this 23,800 sqm space back to the community.

Most of the operations of this plant were shut down in December 2022. After preparing the designs for this new green open space, WasteServ submitted the project’s development application to the Planning Authority. The proposed plans will be presented for public consultation as part of the permitting process, before the Authority’s final consideration.

The former waste treatment site in Marsaskala will be regenerated into an urban greening space dominated by mature trees, water bodies, various educational facilities and other amenities. An underground parking is being proposed, also servicing Marsaskala with an e-park and ride, encouraging sustainable mobility.

This large-scale green project will be made possible following WasteServ’s efforts to streamline its operations, freeing up the sprawling area to be enjoyed by the public in a project of international standard. This aligns with the ECOHIVE strategy, which aims to significantly improve the Magħtab area. Malta is moving away from its traditional dependence on landfills and towards modern facilities that utilise waste resources in an environmentally sustainable way. Once fully implemented, this strategy will profoundly impact the environment.

WasteServ is also delivering historical records regarding recyclables output over the last two years. Moreover, just this year, an over 35% increase in organic waste has been recorded. Black bag arrivals are at their lowest recorded levels for the last 10 years, with a drastic reduction of 600 tonnes in black bags alone compared to the same period last year.

The Marsaskala project proposal aims to yield a vast environment for local fauna, land-based and fresh water and is also intended to serve as a rehabilitation site for various species. It also seeks to incorporate the educational aspect to continue stimulating the required transition towards a better environment, based on sustainability and circular economy principles.

The significant changes being implemented have already yielded positive results, including the successful rehabilitation and conversion of Wied Fulija and Qortin Gozo landfills into biodiversity havens.

Projects like this new open space in Marsaskala are only possible thanks to the successful implementation of waste management policies, the lack of which would have only implied further landfills and take up of land as has been the past occurrence. WasteServ continues to push forward its green circular economy agenda as it implements the largest-ever investment at half a billion euro in Malta’s waste management infrastructure.

WasteServ thanks the general public for its incessant efforts, which efforts are a vital requirement for the implementation of the ECOHIVE strategy.



Mellieha Fireworks After Show Postponed Due To Storm

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Mellieha Fireworks After Show Postponed Due To Storm

After the planned fireworks for the village feast on the 7th of September had to postponed due to a forecasted storm, Mellieha celebrated in the usual Maltese traditional style last night. 


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Fireworks were lit in celebration of the village feast for all those anticipating this year’s edition of the celebrations, after having been deprived because of rain, lightning and strong winds.

Was your village feast postponed or held earlier due to the storm?



Maltese MEP’s Charger Victory Highlighted By Wall Street Journal

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Maltese MEP's Charger Victory Highlighted By Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal published an article highlighting MEP Alex Agius Saliba’s victory in managing to push Apple into incorporating a USB-C charger point in its latest iPhone. 

The article is titled; ‘He Took On The World’s Most Valuable Company – And Won’, and focuses on the work of Agius Saliba. 

This is because Saliba was the European Parliament’s rapporteur on common charger legislation, with the regulations coming into force in the EU next year.

This means that mobile phones will have to adapt to the USB-C charger port and ditch the proprietary Lightning adaptor. 

Despite having reservations about the change, touting a stifling of innovation and causing inconvenience, Apple yielded to Agius Saliba’s proposals to minimise the environmental impact our technology has. 


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FKNK President Cuddles With Tina The Barn Owl

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FKNK President Cuddles With Tina The Barn Owl


It was cuddle time for Lucas Micallef, the President of the Federation for Hunting and Conservation – Malta (FKNK) and barn owl, Tina. 

The video shows the calm and loving interaction between human and bird as Lucas gives the majestic feathered creature a little tickle. 


Barn owls are truly cuddly 🥰 Meet Tina ☺️#barnowl #barnowlsoftiktok #tytoalba🦉 #malta #fknkmalta #conservation #owls

♬ original sound – micallef_lucas_mt

The barn owls (barbaġann) form part of the FKNK’s effort to restore their population on the islands, having documented the entire process on their social media. 

The FKNK managed to bring the bird population back to Maltese woodlands, most notably in Buskett, with 5 of these owls being released into the area in October of 2021. 


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