Former boxing world champion to run for president

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Philippine boxing star Manny Pacquiao has revealed that he will run for president in his country’s next elections next year. This will not be the boxing legend’s first time in politics, with the athlete having been a senator since 2016. Pacquiao was nominated to run for the current ruling PDP Laban party in their last national assembly.



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Incumbent president Rodrigo Duterte isn’t allowed another term, but was nominated by a rival party to run for vice-president. Rodrigo stated that him winning the vice-president position will lead to him not being prosecuted. His daughter Sara Duterte-Carpio could end up being Pacquiao’s opponent but that will not stop him from entering the political race.

In an Instagram post in which he announced that he accepted the nomination, the boxer said “Today, I boldly accept the challenge of running as PRESIDENT of the Republic of the Philippines, with a message to those who are taking advantage of the Filipino people: YOUR TIME IS UP!” He also had this to say “We need government to serve our people with integrity, compassion and transparency. The time is now. We are ready to rise to the challenge of leadership.”



An end to door-to-door waste pickup?

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A gradual shift from door-to-door waste collection to point-based waste collection has been proposed by the Local Council’s Association, who wish to see the Maltese public abandon the age-old practice. The Association’s president Mario Fava spoke to news room The Malta Independent and said that a point-based collection system would entail a network of public waste containers that would be grouped according to the national waste separation strategy. Fava pointed to the current waste system as being unhygienic, unpleasant, dangerous and even renders footpaths inaccessible.

This is also hindering council efforts which are attempting to promote walking as a sustainable alternative to transport and mobility. Regional councils would take up the job of local councils in administering the newfound waste collection system. This would reduce traffic-congested local roads and dangerous emissions. Smart technology would also be incorporated into the waste collection, providing stakeholders all valuable data to provide planning and better enforcement.



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What if men took birth control pills?

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A short video uploaded to social media asks social media presence Dr. Karan what would happen were a man take birth control pills.

A short video uploaded to social media asks social media presence Dr. Karan what would happen were a man take birth control pills. The vlogger begins by revealing that were a guy to take just one pill, it would would not have any significant effect on his health or have any side effects. However, the doctor unveiled that if he were to continue to take the pill which contains estrogen and progesterone, the social media doctor claims that the man may in fact start to get wider hips, softer skin, a slight breast development. These are hormones which female bodies produce naturally. And that’s not all as the man would also start to experience a reduced sperm count and libido, drastically impacting what many consider to be fundamental male qualities.

This video however also puts into question not just the use of such pills but the way it impacts human bodies, breaking down the line between what is traditionally considered male as opposed to female. The question therefore shifts to why a man might want to take birth control pills. Some see these pills as helping men become more feminine due to the results mentioned above. However, before taking any medication, many scientists advise anyone to seek guidance first due to possible unwanted side effects.



Father of late Kim Borg Nicolas Virtu to sue state over inhuman prison treatment

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Following the tragic passing of young inmate Kim Borg Nicolas Virtu, her father Martin is set to initiate legal proceedings in the constitutional court this week. Kim died after a suicide attempt at the Corradino Correctional Facility, and her father is claiming his daughter was subjected to torture and inhumane treatment while serving her sentence. Kim was found unconscious in her cell on the 16th of June and died on the 4th the following month. This occurred after 3 weeks in intensive care, with her funeral being held on August 31st, which was her 30th birthday.

The father is holding the State Advocate, CCF director Alex Dalli and others possibly involved in his daughter’s death responsible for their actions, or rather omissions, which led her to attempt to take her own life. The attempt occurred just three weeks prior to Kim being due for release. The case will be filed by the family lawyers Rachel Tua and Edmond Cuschieri. The police are also starting a criminal action against two warders identified as the ones who should answer criminally for their involvement in Kim’s death. Her father broke the silence in a Times of Malta interview, saying that her time in prison pushed her to the brink and shredded her to bits. Her telling the warders she felt suicidal was also ignored by warders.


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