Football players suffer cardiac problem after Coronavirus infection

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Famous football players Alphonso Davies and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang have both suffered cardiac problems after their recent coronavirus infections. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is currently in Cameroon representing his country Gabon, at the African Cup of Nations whilst Alphonso Davies has stopped training with Bayern until further notice.



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Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann has recently stated in an interview that the Canadian fullback will be out for a few weeks after finding evidence of heart muscle inflammation after his Covid-19 virus infection. The inflammation, known as myocarditis was found in a follow up exam after he returned to training this week. According to many experts, Myocarditis is not a permanent condition meaning the player will come back. Bayern coach Nagelsmann described the condition as “mild” and “not so dramatic,” but later said “Despite that, it needs to heal and that will definitely take a certain amount of time,”.

Arsenal striker Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has also been diagnosed with a heart condition after being infected with the coronavirus. He is currently suffering from heart lesions and hasn’t been called up to Gabon’s final 2 group games of the African Cup of Nations.  In a statement, the Gabon federation said that the “cardiac lesions” were found in a test to see whether he could play or not after suffering from the virus. A lesion is a damage on the tissue. They also confirmed that the diagnosis wasn’t pressing but CAF’s medical commission ruled Aubameyang was not able to play against Ghana.


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