Football coach accused of sexual abuse on children awaiting sentence in Malta

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A former policeman and youth football coach who fled towards Malta after sexually abusing 15 boys and girls over a period of 40 years has been found guilty in English court and is currently awaiting his sentence in Malta.

Stephen Walker lived in Malta for a number of years under a different name after fleeing the United Kingdom, only to return in 2019.

Today, he is 68 years old and has been charged with committing acts of sexually abused between 1960 and 2007 where it is reported that he abused children in England, France and even Malta.


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42 COVID-19 cases registered overnight with 94 recoveries

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62 COVID-19 cases registered overnight with 114 recoveries

Malta has registered 42 new cases of COVID-19 in the past 24 hours from 2,361 swab tests, while 94 patients have recovered. This information was announced by the official Facebook page of Malta’s Ministry for Health.

As of Thursday 1st April 2021, 203,553 vaccine doses were administered of which 55,897 were 2nd doses.

To date, Malta has registered 29,127 COVID-19 cases in total, of which: 28,045 have recovered, 395 died and 687 are still active.


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Cannabis reform ‘may hurt society’; Caritas & other groups react

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Cannabis reform 'may hurt society'; Caritas & other groups react

Caritas, the Oasi Foundation and the Association of Psychiatrists have issued their statements on the recently-proposed cannabis reform, going on to state that the reform may ‘normalise use of the drug’ & ‘harm society’.

The groups stated that they are “seriously concerned” with the proposed legislation and that it reflects the ‘lost battle’ against cannabis culture, which affects individuals & families dependent on cannabis, along with adolescents and those at risk of developing mental health problems.

Despite questioning methods of enforcement, especially in front of children, the groups agreed that cannabis users should not be sent to prison or have their cannabis-related arrests in their criminal records expunged.


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Malta & 19 other EU States in solidarity with countries struggling with vaccines

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EU Member states reportedly fell out during a recent meeting in European Parliament with regards to the division and distribution of extra doses of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine to five struggling countries.

Malta was amongst the 19 member states who chose to show solidarity with the struggling countries Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Latvia and Slovakia whereas Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic did not agree, going on to insist that they receive their entire quota of vaccines.

A deal was ultimately reached which distributes 2,854,654 doses to the five countries considered to be ‘most in need’.


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