Food, booze and views: here’s why everyone is going crazy for Marea

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Food, booze and views: here's why everyone is going crazy for Marea

Every couple of years, a new restaurant opens its doors and changes the Maltese culinary landscape forever; Marea is one of those restaurants. This Mediterrasian restaurant in Kalkara boasts some of the most gorgeous views in Malta along with a menu of intricately prepared Mediterranean and Asian delicacies. There’s a reason why you’ve been seeing shots of Marea pop up on all of your socials and you can break it down into 3 distinct pillars; the food, the drinks and the view.

The food

With Marea’s kitchen manned by a team of highly-capable culinary professionals who bring a certain artistry to the table, it’s very hard to imagine the restaurant not being a foodie’s paradise. Striking a perfect balance between super-Instagrammable and unforgettably tasty, Marea will have you coming back for more every single time. From extravagant Japanese-inspired sushi plates to gorgeous meat and fish dishes, not to mention Marea’s selection of eye-catching desserts, you aren’t really a foodie if you haven’t tried Marea.

The booze

Food and drink go hand in hand and when you’re dining at the finest of locations such as Marea, a unforgettable cocktail menu is only appropriate. Marea’s bar team prides itself on expertly-crafted drinks with an eye for detail unlike anything you’ve ever scene, which is why a mere sip of one of Marea’s cocktails will take you to a whole new world.

The views

When we tell you Marea has views for days, we mean it. The restaurant is situated at the gorgeous Kalkara waterfront and possesses breathtaking views of the historic Grand Harbour. On some days (if you’re lucky), you might even come across some of the seasonal activities and fireworks which grace the harbour with their beauty. So look at it this way, you will not only bless your socials with the gorgeous food & drinks offered at Marea but also the stunning views which surround the restaurant.

So what are you waiting for? Pay them a visit and try it out for yourself!

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