Focus to move onto hospitalisations instead of daily cases

 - COVID-19 - Jul 7
Focus to move onto hospitalisations instead of daily cases

Deputy Prime Minister and Health Minister Chris Fearne stated that the focus will shift away from the amount of new daily cases registered and onto the country’s hospitalisation rate instead. Health restrictions will be continuously, but cautiously, lifted. Since the vaccine rollout has had a clear and positive effect on the rate of infections and immunity, Fearne revealed that Malta will closely follow developments in the UK, wherein the government lifted almost all virus restrictions.

The UK’s vaccination rate was noted to be almost as high as Malta’s, with 86% of UK adults having received at lest one dose with 64% being fully vaccinated. Malta has 83% of adults vaccinated with one dose but a higher number of people fully vaccinated than the UK at 78%. As of writing this article, Malta has 110 active cases. 


Photo Source: The Guardian, Sahha FB

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  • Anna K says:

    This is not true. Fearne said they *might* go down that road and *if* things turn out well for the U.K.

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