FKNK appeals BirdLife Malta’s injunction on turtle dove spring hunt

FKNK appeals BirdLife Malta’s injunction on turtle dove spring hunt
Apr 6 2023 Share

The Maltese Federation for Hunting and Conservation has filed an appeal against the recent prohibitory injunction by BirdLife Malta so as not to allow turtle dove hunting this spring.

The appeal presented by FKNK requests that the group be authorised to participate and/or be allowed to make submissions in the injunction mandate procedures which was brought against the government by BirdLife Malta on April 3rd 2023. 

The FKNK ‘respectfully request’ that, due to it being Holy Week, the court authorise the opening of the court registry after legal hours so that the appeal could be presented. 

BirdLife Malta filed a request for a prohibitory injunction in court agains Malta’s government to stop it from issuing the legal notice to open up the spring hunting season for turtle doves. 


Private jets might no longer land in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport

Private jets might no longer land in Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport
Apr 6 2023 Share

Private jet owners might no longer be able to land in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, thanks to a new procedure aiming to outlaw the private aircrafts by 2025. 

The airport, known for being notoriously busy, has suggested a series of measures which aim to reduce air traffic and create a ‘quieter, cleaner and better’ system. 

The proposals the airport hopes to implement will come into effect by not later than 2025-26, and would see private jets no longer welcome at Schiphol. 

The airport would also like to have no aircraft landing between midnight and 5am local time or taking off between midnight and 6am local time. This comes with the complete scrapping of plans for a new runway. 

The targeting of private jets comes due to the aircraft causing a disproportionate amount of noise pollution and CO2 emissions per passenger. It was found that private jets produce up to 14 times more pollutants than commercial plans and 50 times more than trains. 

These private jets are often heading towards vacation hot spots like Ibiza in Spain, Cannes in France, or Innsbruck when they leave Schiphol. 

“Sufficient scheduled services are available to the most popular destinations flown to by private jets,” says Schiphol Airport in a statement. 


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St George’s Square in Valletta shines with lantern crosses

St George's Square in Valletta shines with lantern crosses
Apr 6 2023 Share

St George’s Square in Valletta was lit up with a beautiful formation of lantern-light, creating three large cross shapes as the islands gear up for Good Friday and Easter Sunday celebrations. 

Valletta Cultural Agency chairman Jason Micallef took to social media to share some stunning aerial images of the square as it was lit. 

The Valletta Cultural Agency too shared more images of the decorations, showing the process of the lighting of the lanterns. The decoration will remain up until next Saturday 8th April, just before the country celebrates Easter. 

The images were shared and liked by locals and others, who commented about the atmosphere created. Some even urged bars and restaurants in the capital city to try and keep volume at a low so as to not ruin the atmosphere created. 

Will you be visiting? 


Deloitte Malta’s ACCA programme: Your future begins here

Your future begins here; Deloitte Malta's ACCA programme is your key to the future
Apr 6 2023 Share

Starting a career in accounting has never been so easy with Deloitte Malta’s ACCA programme and now’s your chance to kickstart your future!

If you are a student who has just finished your A levels or completed a degree & wish to pursue an accountancy qualification, this is for you.

Benefit from continuous support and mentoring during your studies and gain a wealth of work experience. With an unparalleled learning journey and guidance around the optimal sequence of examinations, complete the qualification in just a three-year period with Deloitte Malta.

With high levels of flexibility and the option to allow students to choose training providers according to their learning style, the renowned global brand offers students a structured journey which will ultimately result in them achieving their ACCA qualification.

Deloitte’s inclusive environment encourages every individual to be their true selves, allowing everyone to grow, collaborate and learn new things on a daily basis.. Offering unwavering support to the members of its community, Deloitte attempts to bring everyone together to make an impact that matters, for their clients, their people and the wider world.

To top it all off, students will be offered financial support for their studies and will also be offered salary increments with every examination passed.

Joseph Cini, Senior at Deloitte’s Gozo office

Joseph Cini, a recent ACCA graduate and Senior at Deloitte Gozo’s office, credits a great part of his success to Deloitte, stating that they were a great help and inspiration throughout his entire journey, also praising the financial support and study leave during his exam periods.

Your future beings here: visits Deloitte Malta’s career page or send an email to [email protected] with your latest CV and academic result to learn more!