Five of the craziest AI-generated images you’ve ever seen

5 crazy AI-generated images that you should know about
May 26 2023 Share

Prepare to have your mind blown by these jaw-dropping AI-generated images! From bizarre mashups to surreal scenarios, these visual creations will leave you questioning the boundaries of imagination. Get ready for a wild ride through the realm of artificial intelligence as we present the top five most captivating AI-generated images.

Hasbulla Lighyear

In a mind-boggling twist of creativity, AI brings together two iconic figures, Hasbulla and Buzz Lightyear, in a sensational mashup. Witness the diminutive fighting sensation Hasbulla transformed into a cosmic hero as he dons the spacesuit of none other than Buzz Lightyear himself. This amalgamation of pop culture characters is nothing short of extraordinary.

Airplane with Transparent Floor

Brace yourself for an exhilarating flight experience like no other. AI engineers have conjured up an image of an airplane with a mind-bending transparent floor. Imagine the sensation of soaring through the sky, witnessing the mesmerizing landscapes and cities beneath your feet. This groundbreaking image pushes the boundaries of what we thought was possible.

The Titanic Colliding with a Head of Iceberg Lettuce

Prepare to have your concept of reality tested as AI transports you to an alternate dimension where the Titanic meets a rather unconventional foe. Witness the colossal ship in an epic collision with a gargantuan head of iceberg lettuce. This whimsical creation combines history and absurdity, leaving you in awe of the imagination that AI possesses.

Gummy Bears Walking the Streets of New York

Ever wondered what it would be like if gummy bears came to life and strolled through the bustling streets of the Big Apple? Thanks to the wonders of AI, we no longer have to wonder. Marvel at this delightful image, where colorful gummy bears take on the role of urban pedestrians, bringing a touch of whimsy to the concrete jungle.

The Rock Meeting Dwayne Johnson

Hold onto your seats as AI breaks through the barriers of reality and delivers the ultimate mind-bending encounter. In a moment of sheer brilliance, AI brings together Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, the Hollywood megastar, and Dwayne Johnson, the ordinary guy next door. Witness this surreal image capturing the astonishment and confusion that would surely ensue if these two personas were to meet face to face.

These astonishing AI-generated images showcase the incredible leaps and bounds that artificial intelligence has taken in the realm of creativity. From unexpected mashups to fantastical scenarios, the limits of imagination are continuously pushed. Prepare to be amazed as AI blurs the line between reality and fantasy, leaving us in awe of the extraordinary possibilities that lie ahead.


Handheld PlayStations are back as Sony announces Project Q

Handheld PlayStations return as Sony announces Project Q
May 26 2023 Share

Sony has officially announced its return to the handheld console market, revealing up and coming handheld console Project Q.

The new handheld console, which is rumoured to launch in November 2023, will allow gamers to stream PlayStation 5 games onto Project Q’s 8-inch LCD screen, which also features similar Dualsense controls.

A touchpad will be integrated into the 1080p resolution screen, which will also boast a 60Hz refresh rate. The console’s announcement comes hand in hand with PlayStation’s brand new official wireless earbuds, which will deliver “lossless audio and low latency” via Bluetooth.

The handheld console market experienced a major resurgence in recent months, especially after the launch of Nintendo’s Switch console, which actually overtook the PS4 in sales.

Amongst other announcement made during Sony’s PlayStation 2023 showcase, it also was revealed that Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater will get a remake, Assassin’s Creed Mirage got an October release date and Final Fantasy XVI got a new trailer ahead of its June launch.


Wholesome moment as police officers take photo with primary school children

Wholesome moment as police officer takes photo with primary school children
May 26 2023 Share

The Rabat Primary School children got quite a snap on Thursday morning, after taking a group photo with police officers from the Rabat Police Station.

The wholesome moment was a result the school children’s scheduled visit to the Rabat Police Station. According to a post by The Malta Police Force, the children went to grab a quick photo with the police before one of the officers went ahead and offered whether they wanted to get in the police vehicle.

“Thank you to the students and staff for the visit, it surely started our day on a positive note”, the post concluded.


Local designer Gaetano goes shirtless for mental health awareness campaign

May 26 2023 Share

Tackling the theme of awareness, local fashion designer Gaetano posted a striking photo on his Haus Of Gaetano page, addressing the topic of men’s mental health.

In the caption, Gaetano wrote that name-calling has been commonplace throughout his career. He went on to state that because he is a man, many may think that he wouldn’t care, but the reality is that these words can break a person.

The accompanying photo, taken by Vince Bonello Pukka, featured a shirtless Gaetano with words & phrases like ‘fat’, ‘Buddha’, ‘dirty’, ‘go on a diet’, ‘pig’ and more written across his body.

“A man can also have tough times, a man can also be conscious, a man can also get hurt, a man can also be broken, a man can also feel. Do not remain silent. Speak. Search for help. You are important.” 

Followers of designer shot to the comments to congratulate the designer for the way he exhibited the powerful message, congregating in agreement with Gaetano.