Five haircare products you need this summer

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Five haircare products you need this summer

Summer is with us and it seems as if it’s one of the hottest yet and that means that we have to step up our game on how we take care of ourselves and maintain our wellbeing and that includes our hair. Setting a haircare routine is not an easy feat especially when one’s lifestyle conditions do not help but thanks to John Frieda‘s line of haircare essentials, we are sorted this summer.

The following haircare products are definite summer essentials and can be found in all supermarkets, beauty stores & pharmacies.

Go Blonder Lemon Miracle Masque

Promising a lighter blonde and stronger hair, John Frieda’s Go Blonder Lemon Miracle Masque does not only strengthen lightened blonde hair but protects it from future damage.

Protect your locks this summer and benefit from 25% off on all John Frieda products until the end of August.


Hydrate & Recharge Masque

Given that our hair is exposed to drying effects everyday (especially in this scorching heat), this deep soak mask will deeply nourish your hair and leave it soft and silky.

Hydrate and recharge your hair with this deep mask infused with nutrient rich drops and give it the refresh it needs this summer.


Frizz Ease Dream Curls Reviver Mousse

Give your hair the bounce it oh so truly desires and revive the elasticity to your curls or waves.

This mousse gives controlled hold and definition to naturally curly hair suitable for all levels of frizz.


Detox & Repair Masque

This avocado hair mask gives new life to hair, providing repair and softness through an enriched formula or rich green tea and nourishing avocado oil.

If you have dry, stressed or damaged hair as a result to so many daily challenges, this one is for you.



Frizz Ease Weightless Wonder Featherlight Smoothing Crème

If, like most, you struggle to maintain your hair and control frizz, the Featherlight Smoothing Crème is just for you.

The lightweight formula can be used on wet hair or for touch-ups during the day and is designed to leave your hair looking light and airy.

Send this to someone who needs a new haircare routine ASAP.


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Harry Kane doesn’t show up to training to force Manchester City move

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This week, England captain Harry Kane didn’t show up to training even though he informed his club Tottenham Hotspurs that he would. Spurs after a gruelling Euro 2020, where Harry played every game possible , gave him an extended holiday in order to recharge and get ready for a new season. Kane had different ideas though as he would like to leave his boyhood club this summer for Pep Guardiola’s Manchester City and for that reason he didn’t show up to training.



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Harry’s main motivation behind his desired move, is trophies. The striker, 28, still hasn’t won an official trophy in his career and he thinks a move to super club City where they boast one of the best coaches and squads in the world, will help him achieve trophies.  Reports in England are also saying that Tottenham will fine their star player for missing training. Many pundits and fans alike are saying that this stunt will risk his legacy with the club that gave him his first big break.

Spurs fans have a long summer of rumours awaiting them, whilst Manchester City fans can be excited knowing there club is trying hard to sign Harry Kane.


August is set to be another scorching summer month

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August is set to be another scorching summer month

August started off with an already scorching first few days, but it seems this trend is set to continue on for the majority of the month. This summer has already proved to be one of the hottest ever recorded, with heat waves reaching recording breaking heights. Up until Thursday, temperatures will feel as if it is 41°C, reducing slightly up until Monday. Temperatures will still be considerably high however, with UV hitting the 9 and 10 marks across the board. 

Facebook page ‘Malta Weather’ reported that this is expected to remain significantly above average at least until mid-August as a high ridge of pressure from Northern Africa makes its way towards the island. Sea temperature is set to even reach 31°C as the necessary precautions to stay hydrated and avoid the sun’s peak times are also called for by health authorities. 


Photo Source: Malta International Airport, Rove.me

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Five summer essentials you need in your life right now

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Five summer essentials you need in your life right now

It seems like this summer is one of the hottest yet and many are turning to summer appliances & utilities to make the most out of this scorching season. Whether you plan to stay in the comfort of your own home or head to Malta’s great outdoors, Firm B Pullicino has got you sorted on summer essentials and these are our TOP 5.

Stay cool & fresh with Venti's Portable Air Conditioner.➡️ Silent➡️ Class A energy efficiency➡️ Includes air exhaust & window bracketFor more information:☎ 21676627www.fbpmalta.com

Posted by Firm B Pullicino on Saturday, 26 June 2021

  • Portable Air Conditioner

No Maltese summer is complete without an air conditioner and having the luxury to transfer it from one place to another is definitely a bonus.

These 12,000 BTU air conditioning systems provided by Firm B Pullicino offer the ideal cooling system for the scorching Maltese summer.

Gas BBQ with 4 Burners + Side Burner*Including Cover, Lava Grids & Lava Rocks*fbpmalta.com/index.php/products/household/bbqs/gas-bbq-6602-4120ah-detail

Posted by Firm B Pullicino on Thursday, 22 July 2021

  • Gas BBQ

The barbecue is a staple summer activity and a cornerstone of Maltese culture, which means that if you’re having company over this summer, a Gusto Griglia BBQ is definitely an essential.

These convenient gas BBQs offer all the amenities and make for the ideal seasonal tool.

Backpack picnic bag with utensils in Blue and Grey.Including:4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 knives, 4 plates, 4 wine glasses, 1…

Posted by Firm B Pullicino on Wednesday, 21 July 2021

  • Picnic Bag

Besides being the fashion statement of the decade, FBP’s picnic bag is the most convenient way to prepare for a picnic or camping session with family or friends.

The bag comes in blue and grey and includes 4 forks, 4 spoons, 4 knives, 4 plates, 4 wine glasses, 1 cheese knife, 4 napkins, 1 set salt and pepper, 1 cutting board and 1 blanket.

Air fryers uses hot-air circulation to fry food – no-oil required. Benefits:✔️ A healthy alternative to cut back on…

Posted by Firm B Pullicino on Monday, 14 September 2020

  • Air Fryer

The air fryer has become unquestionably popular nowadays but have you ever asked why? This appliance provides the mouth-watering crisp of deep-frying with just hot air.

Cook anything from finger foods to fries, meats, vegetables and so much more with the added benefit of being arguably healthier due to less oil use.

Blender with 2 speed settings€38.40https://www.fbpmalta.com/index.php/products/household/blender-zln-3703-detail

Posted by Firm B Pullicino on Friday, 19 March 2021

  • Blender

Whether you’re on a liquid diet or just want to maintain your five-a-day in the most delicious way possible, Firm B Pullicino’s range of Zilan blenders are sure to deliver on quality.

Chill out with some cold smoothies by the beach, prepare a post-workout blend of goodies or substitute your breakfast with a mix of blended delights, these blenders are your ticket to delicious beverages all summer.


So if you’re planning to level up your summer and make the most out of your seasonal activities, head over to Firm B Pullicino or visit their Facebook page for more information.

Tag someone who is always stocked on the summer essentials.

About Firm B Pullicino:

FBP has been established for nearly 30 years making it a strong enterprise in its field. The company has top of the range products and a wide selection of brands with superior quality together with affordable prices. The company supplies its products to most of the ironmongers, household outlets, building and turnkey contractors and hotels. The company guarantees an excellent after-sales service with free delivery to retail outlets both in Malta and Gozo.


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