First Ukrainian child cancer patient due to arrive in Malta

First Ukrainian child cancer patient due to arrive in Malta
Mar 14 2022 Share

During a debate between Robert Abela and Bernard Grech organised by the Chamber of SMEs and Malta Daily, the Prime Minister announced that a young Ukrainian girl is due to arrive in Malta to undergo cancer treatment. 

The child will be treated at the Sir Anthony Mamo Oncology Centre as part of Malta’s effort to join the humanitarian work which seeks to help the victims of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

During the question and answer session, the Prime Minister revealed that the first young girl with cancer will arrive on the island. Abela thanked cancer charity Puttinu Cares for their help as well as the business community for its generosity in donating to the humanitarian effort. 

Malta is one of the several countries in Europe who are taking in cancer patients fleeing Ukraine. So far, 21 children have been airlifted by the UK, with Poland as well taking in vulnerable refugees. 

Malta will also be delivering aid to Ukraine, with these including medical and protective equipment and medicines. €1.4 million in medicines was sent over to Ukraine on Saturday morning, said Abela. 

Malta has so far taken in 26 refugees who will be staying in the country for the foreseeable future. The prime minister also revealed that the government has drafted economic plans on how to tackle the impact on Malta due to its reliance on Ukraine and Russia on certain resources. 


Photo Source: Daily Mail, Robert Abela FB

Accounts students! KPMG’s O & A Level Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to prepare for exams

Accounts students! KPMG's O/A Level Bootcamp is the perfect opportunity to prepare for exams
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US journalist Brent Renaud killed by Russian forces in Ukraine

US journalist Brent Renaud killed by Russian forces in Ukraine
Mar 14 2022 Share

Brent Renaud has been reportedly killed by Russian forces in the town of Irpin outside Kyiv. An award winning US film-maker who has worked for the New York Times and other international big names, the 51-year-old was hit in the neck and died after coming under fire.

The reporter was working on Sunday according to local police officials when the attack happened, despite this not being independently verified. 

However, deputy managing editor of the NYT Clifford Levy issued a statement on Twitter clarifying that Renaud was not on assignment for the paper in Ukraine. 

A statement was still released by the paper, expressing deep concern and sadness for the loss of the American journalist. Early reports which stated that he was on assignment emerged due to him wearing a Times press badge he had been issued many years ago. 

‘Brent’s death is a terrible loss. Brave journalists like Brent take tremendous risks to bear witness and to tell the world about the devastation and suffering caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine’ said Levy. 

EP President Roberta Metsola took to Twitter saying that journalists should never be a target. ‘We will honour his legacy and continue to expose the truth Putin is so desperately trying to hide.’


Meat tax and other proposals by animal rights activists

Meat tax and other proposals by animal rights activists
Mar 14 2022 Share

Veggy Malta and Animal Liberation Malta have teamed up to issue some new proposals ahead of the March general election. 

With a slogan highlighting how ‘The Voiceless are Forgotten’, Veggy Malta co-ordinator and vegan activist Darryl Grima stated that; 

‘we have come up with a list of ethical recommendations for political parties based on the four ethical pillars of veganism: social justice, environmental justice and animal justice and human health. By achieving all we can ensure a better society for all; people, animals and all biodiversity.’ 

Animal Liberation Malta activist Haroon Ali also added that ‘as vegans and also animal right activists our recommendations aim to ensure that animals and their needs are put on the political agenda.’

The proposals include a meat and dairy tax which aims to help cover the real health and environmental costs from using animals as food. 

‘Just as cigarettes have an excise duty on them so should meat and dairy. Additionally the same type of health warning that is found on cigarettes should be placed on red and processed meat and dairy. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has designated red and processed meat as a carcinogen. Additionally we all know that and dairy is know to be a key trigger to cholesterol.’

Other proposals include having all plant based milks be at zero VAT as well as plant based options being offered in state owned public spaces. These include hospitals, prisons, schools and defence forces. 

The proposals also include pledges concerning agriculture as well as education. The organisations are proposing having all health professionals being given training on nutrition and the benefits of a plant based diet. 

Other proposals include 

  • No new zoo licenses being issued
  • Phasing out the old and antiquated practice of horse carriages within a 5 year period
  • A stop to new animal factory farms 
  • Supporting farmers in transitioning out of animal agritultcure into new sustainable plant based agriculture 
  • Malta joining a number of EU countries in banning fur
  • Designating 50% of territorial waters as fishing free 
  • Public awareness campaigns regarding the importance of increasing vegetables and fruits in one’s diet