First Look At Sex Education’s Last Season

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First Look At Sex Education's Last Season

Netflix has released the first sneak peak at season 4 of Sex Education, set to release on 21st September 2023. 

It’s been two years – yes, two! – since we last saw Otis, Maeve, Eric and the other students at Moordale. 

And Netflix only just recently released the trailer for the official ending of the beloved series, which not only introduced us to a cast of beloved characters but also aimed to break taboos around sexual education for all ages. 


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The images were captioned: ‘new places, new problems’, hinting at the students’ move out of their secondary school where all their shenanigans took place.

We have a pensive Maeve, a once-again-mother Jean Milburn, a father-and-son moment between Adam and Michael Groff and much more to look forward to! 

Will you be watching Sex Education Season 4?



39 Year Old At Risk Of Dying After Crashing Into Pole

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39 Year Old At Risk Of Dying After Crashing Into Pole

Today, at around 0015hrs, police were informed of a traffic accident which took place in Triq il-Labour, Żejtun. 

Police convened immediately on site and, through preliminary investigations, found that a 39 year old man resident of the same locality, lost control of his Mazda Demio and crashed into a pole. 

He was given preliminary medical aid on site and later transported to Mater Dei Hospital. He was later certified as having suffered serious injuries. 

An inquiry has been opened as investigations by police continue. 



Barbie Breaks 14 Records In Just Two Weekends

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Barbie Breaks 14 Records In Just Two Weekends

The Barbie Movie has been a massive hit at the box office, breaking 14 records in just its first two weekends. 

It was released alongside Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer, and the viral intrigue surrounding Barbie likely contributed to higher cinema attendance than if the films were released separately. 

Barbie grossed an estimated $155 million in its opening 3-day domestic weekend, $287.4 million in its first week, and $93 million in its second weekend at the domestic box office. 

Globally, the movie has already surpassed $800 million and is projected to reach $1 billion soon, making it the second highest-grossing film of 2023 after The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Warner Bros. may consider making a Barbie 2 given its massive success and appeal to a younger female audience. 

Barbie’s success is further highlighted by its broad appeal, with 65% of the audience being female and 81% being younger than 35. The film’s over-the-top marketing has undoubtedly contributed to its popularity. Barbie is currently playing in cinemas worldwide.



Malta’s President Joins 5 Others In Declaring Climate Emergency

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Malta's President Joins 5 Others In Declaring Climate Emergency

The President of Malta George Vella has released a conjoined statement along with five other Heads of State of Mediterranean countries to declare a state of climate emergency. 

Along with the President of the Croatia Zoran Milanovic, President of Greece Katerina Sakellaropoulou, President of Italy Sergio Mattarella, President of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa and President of Slovenia Nataša Pirc Musar, Vella said that it is our duty to establish concrete policies in this effort. 

The President pointed to the recent declaration by UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres that we have entered the era of global boiling. 

‘The effects are particularly notable in our region, the Mediterranean, which is being effected in severe ways, with risks of flooding, heat waves, fires and desertification.’ 

‘There is no more time to waste and there is no more room for political or economic compromises. It is crucial that the Mediterranean countries coordinate together and react, beginning a collective effort to stop and fix the effects of climate change.’


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