First ever tattoo based challenge coming to Maltese TV screens in 2023!

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First ever tattoo based challenge coming to Maltese TV screens in 2023!

JA Media are proud to present the first ever tattoo based challenge TV production on local television – ‘Malta’s Ultimate Tattoo Challenge’. 

The competition will start airing as of January 2023 on a weekly basis on ONE Tv every Monday at 2115hrs. 

The cast will be formed by host and co-host Luke Magri and Denise Gafa, as well as 3 respected tattoo artists as judges: Dylan Mad Tatter, Tetinu and Kri8or. 

The panel will also be joined by the celebrity opinions of chefs Daniel Borg Cardona and Sean Gravina, as well as technical opinionist Anabelle Calafato from Skin Label. 

The objective of this show is to elect Malta’s Ultimate Tattoo Artist, who will be up to win a cash prize of €5,000. The winner will also represent Malta at one of the most prestigious Tattoo Conventions in Europe later in 2023.

The show will have six stages and 12 episodes: first, an audition showcasing the portfolio to the judges and then a shortlist of 18 applicants who will submit a freehand challenge on paper. 

They will then be shortlisted to 12 and divided in to 3 groups of 4 according to their preferred type. They will be submitted to a challenge suggested by the judges on human canvas. Only 1 out of 4 will make it through. 

The semifinal will see the 3 competing artists once again taking on a human canvas challenge, with 1 of them being eliminated. The final will see 2 artists competing on human canvas as per their preferred style. 

This show will also bring to the fore the artistry behind tattooing to a wider Maltese audience, showing the complexities and breaking stigmas in the process. TAG YOUR FAVOURITE TATTOO ARTIST BELOW as applications close on the 30th of November 2022!

Find the application form here.



Father and son graduate with Bachelor of Law together

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Father and son graduate with Bachelor of Law together

Wholesome much? The University of Malta social media shared the story of Philip Mifsud and Andre Mifsud Kingswell, father and son, who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Law degree together. 

Andre said that their graduation together has its ups and downs, but they are mostly ups. They explained how they used to study together and help each other throughout their studies. 


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Philip recounted how the two came to decision, revealing that Andre decided to opt for languages instead of sciences. His father asked what he wished to do with his subject choice and said that if Andre follows through with applying for law, he would join him.

And the rest is history as they are now both graduates in law. But in our book, they also have a PhD in wholesomeness. 


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Bernice Cassar’s husband arrested after 17 hour standoff

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Bernice Cassar’s husband arrested after 17 hour standoff

Roderick Cassar, 41, was arrested early on Wednesday in a raid on his residence in Qrendi following a standoff which lasted 17 hours. 

Armed officers wearing protective gear entered his house at 0230am, firing a number of flash blanks. Cassar was arrested unharmed but was given a medical checkup on the scene.

The gun allegedly used in the murder of his wife, Bernice, on Tuesday in Corradino was also recovered. This followed several hours of negotiations urging Cassar to turn himself in. 

Cassar is expected to undergo interrogation on Wednesday, with the police having 48 hours from the time they arrest a suspect to charge or release him.

Bernice Cassar, the mother of two children with Roderick, was shot twice on a road behind the Paola MCAST campus as she was driving to work. Her body was fund outside her Nissan Qashqai. 

It was revealed that Bernice had filed several domestic violence reports against her husband, which led to the police to press criminal charges against him last May. Roderick continuously violated court order demanding he does not approach his wife.


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“Tell me who he is”; Femicide victim’s brother contacted by lead suspect from Qrendi home

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"Tell me who he is"; Femicide victim's brother contacted by lead suspect from Qrendi home

Peter Cilia, the brother of femicide victim Bernice Cassar, has been contacted by the lead suspect via Facebook messenger while he remains confined in his Qrendi home.

While the police have remained outside the house since 9.20AM, the lead suspect has contacted the victim’s brother, who requested the identity of the person allegedly accompanying her in the morning of the murder.

“Not only did he murder my sister, but 12 hours later he still contacts me. All while the police remain outside his door as he mocks them. A shameful and sad country.” These were the words of the victim’s brother in a recent Facebook post as the situation in Qrendi hangs by a thread with the suspect still in possession of a firearm as authorities wait outside his door.

The Police managed to find the aggressor after being informed of the suspect’s vehicle license plates, establishing that the vehicle belonged to Roderick Cassar, who is the murder victim’s husband.

It was also revealed that there had been multiple reports of domestic violence by the victim, with the most recent one being as recent as one night before the murder.

Negotiations were reportedly initiated by Police inspector Omar Zammit, with hopes that the suspect gives himself up to the police.

More on this story as it develops.


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