First actor with Down’s Syndrome to land historic Disney role

First actor with Down's Syndrome to land historic Disney role
Apr 20 2023 Share

Peter Pan & Wendy star Noah Matthews Matofsky has just made history by becoming the first actor with Down’s syndrome to land a major Disney feature film role. 

The 15-year-old actor will be portraying Slightly, one of Peter Pan’s Lost Boys, and shared his excitement on social media.

A schoolboy from West Sussex, Southern England, Matthews Matofsky heard that Disney was holding auditions for a new live-action Peter Pan film. Sending his audition tape, he was invited to meet with director David Lowery and shortly after that, found himself off to Vancouver for six months to film with the cast. 

The actor also highlighted one of the kind gestures performed by veteran actor Jude Law, who will be playing pirate captain Jude Law. The older actor hired an ice cream van and served kids ice cream himself whilst on set. 


Over 380 people applied for Love Island Malta, showrunner tells TVAM

Over 380 people applied for Love Island Malta, showrunner tells TVAM
Apr 19 2023 Share

With only a few weeks to go for Malta’s take on international television show Love Island, showrunner Christian Gravina told TVM morning programme TVAM that over 380 persons applied take party.

Gravina went on to explain that participants will be interviewed by a psychologist before the adventure begins to ensure that everyone’s mental health remains in tact since the programme requires participants to leave everything behind.

An estimated 20 people are expected to be part of Love Island Malta, with the first episode to air on May 14. The six-week long adventure will take place in a Villa in Malta, with fans of the international version making sure to tune in to the local edition.

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Nas Daily calls Comino’s Salvu “the coolest man you’ll ever meet”

Nas Daily calls Comino's Salvu "the coolest man you'll ever meet"
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A person living on an island by himself is already interesting, but according to global content creator Nas Daily Comino’s Salvu is “the coolest man you’ll ever meet.”


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Whilst in Malta, Nas Daily headed on a two-hour trip to Comino to find Salvu and tell his story, the tale of a local legend who lives on the island with his cousin.

In his video, Nas revealed that the 71-year-old Salvu lived on the island his entire life, spending a lot of time flying drones and learning about new technologies. In fact, Salvua actually built a machine to move his boat by remote control, uses solar power to charge his go kart and converted his diesel ATV into an electric vehicle.

The Comino legend revealed that he learns something new everyday, spending time researching online thanks to his super fast internet.

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AI-generated Drake & The Weeknd song pulled from streaming platforms

AI-generated Drake & The Weeknd song pilled from streaming platforms
Apr 19 2023 Share

After breaking the internet with its eerily-lifelike characteristics, a song made to clone Drake & The Weeknd’s voices by artificial intelligence is being removed from streaming platforms.

‘Heart On My Sleeve’ was generated by a creator known as @ghostwriter, who went viral around the globe after posting the track to social media. With typically Drake-like lyrics namedropping The Weeknd’s ex Selena Gomez, together with an infectious  hook and a trap beat which is not alien to modern pop music, the song took over social media and raised concern about the nature of AI in music and the arts.

Global publishing giant Universal Music Group stated that the song violated copyright law, going on to argue that platforms had a “legal and ethical responsibility” to prevent any harm to artists through these services.

Up to the moment of its removal, the song was streamed just under 630,000 times on Spotify, generating €1,723 in revenue with 0.0027 cents per stream.

As the international creative community continues to raise concerns about the potentially harmful nature of artificial intelligence in the arts, social media platforms continue to experience an influx of AI-generated tracks.

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