Fight Between Two Men Breaks Out in Valletta Bus Terminus

Jan 28 2024 Share

On Saturday, Malta Daily received a video depicting a physical altercation between two men at the Valletta bus terminus.

The footage, which captures a brief but intense confrontation, shows the men engaging in fisticuffs. During the fight, one of the individuals is seen wielding an unidentified object, which he uses to strike the other man. The nature of this object remains unclear from the video.

The incident, though brief, escalated quickly, drawing the attention of bystanders. However, before the situation could deteriorate further, another individual intervened, effectively breaking up the fight.

The video does not provide context for the cause of the altercation. The identities of the men involved and the current status of the situation remain unknown.


The 2023 Nadur Carnival Celebrations Awarded ‘Gozo Niche Tourism Achievement’

Jan 27 2024 Share

Nadur Local Council Awarded By Gozo Tourism Association 

Nadur has once again become the centre of attention following the success of its spontaneous carnival celebrations.

Last year’s Saturday event organised by the Local Council, the Ministry for Gozo, G7 Events and Malta Daily, was particularly successful, with more than 25,000 people descending on the town to take part in the festivities, however the success of the multiple days of carnival spontaneous celebrations, landed the Nadur Local Council a prestigious award during the GTA awards held this week.

The spontaneous carnival in Nadur is a unique event that draws visitors from all over the world to experience the vibrant atmosphere, colourful costumes, and the impressive floats that take to the streets. Last year’s event was no exception, with a record-breaking number of attendees coming to witness the spectacle.

Last year, the local authorities were well prepared for the influx of visitors. The Nadur Local Council played a crucial role in ensuring that the event was a success, working closely with the Ministry for Gozo, G7 Events, and Malta Daily, to provide the necessary support and infrastructure.

The success of last year’s carnival is a testament to the passion and commitment of the organisers, who worked tirelessly to create an event that truly showcases unique culture and spirit. 

The event has become a highlight of the cultural calendar, not just for the town of Nadur, but for the entire island of Gozo.

Speaking about this award, Nadur Mayor Edward Said said that he is “Proud of the GTA AWARD achieved for the NADUR CARNIVAL” and dedicated the award to all the people of Nadur “who really love our spontaneous carnival, the traditional maskarati, councillors, volunteers, staff, authorities and those who assist us financially.” Edward Said promised “to keep safeguarding and enhancing this biggest Carnival in Malta” ending his post by reminding everyone that this year’s carnival is around the corner.

The Nadur Carnival is officially back with an organised carnival taking place on the 4th of February and a spontaneous carnival between the 9th and 13th of February.  The beloved carnival sees thousands making their way to the festivities, as funnies and attractions fill up the locality. And of course, people attend with their most outlandish and creative costumes. Both the Organised and Spontaneous Carnival are staged in collaboration and lasting help of the Ministry for Gozo and the Directorate for Cultural Heritage.

@g7eventsmalta and MaltaDaily are also supporting the 2024’s Nadur Carnival.


Abela And Muscat Have Not Yet Spoken About A Potential Return To Politics

Jan 27 2024 Share

In an interview that aired today, Prime Minister Robert Abela was asked about his relationship with former Prime Minister Joseph Muscat. He was also asked if the potential return of Muscat to politics was discussed between the two.

Replying to a question made by Andrew Azzopardi on 103FM, Robert Abela said that his relationship with Joseph Muscat has always been a good one and said that they are in regular contact. 

The current Prime Minister however said that a discussion about Muscat’s return to politics has not yet happened.

Robert Abela also mentioned a recent hour long call that he had with Michelle Muscat, who he described as “a person you enjoy speaking to because she has particular and important subjects at heart.”


Shaun Farrugia Unleashes Powerful Pop Anthem ‘Chemicals’ to Kickstart 2024

Jan 27 2024 Share

Rising star and accomplished singer-songwriter, Shaun Farrugia, is ushering in the new year with a bang, releasing his latest pop anthem titled ‘Chemicals’. Known for his commanding vocals and emotionally charged lyricism, Shaun continues to captivate audiences with each new musical endeavor.

Following the success of his debut EP, ‘Heaven Like Mine’, in 2023, which gained traction and recognition across the UK airwaves, Shaun Farrugia is now unveiling ‘Chemicals’ as the first instalment of a series of releases planned for this year. Fans can anticipate another eagerly awaited EP set to drop in 2024.

In addition to his solo projects, Shaun has established a steady momentum through notable collaborations with prominent artists. His previous co-writes with talents such as Mimi Webb, The Script, and Sigala, along with lead vocals for Martin Garrix’s singles ‘Starlight’ and ‘If We’ll Ever Be Remembered’, showcase Shaun’s versatility and demand as an in-demand songwriter. Notably, he lent his vocal prowess to Sidemen member Vikkstar’s debut solo release, ‘Humans’, amassing an impressive 3.6 million streams across platforms.

Shaun Farrugia’s ability to craft emotionally resonant stories through his music is complemented by his stage presence, where he consistently gives his all. The year 2023 was exceptional for his live performances, including standout shows at The Great Escape, supporting Robbie Williams, performing with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra, and gracing festivals like Reeperbahn Festival in Germany and Beyond The Music Manchester/Live At Leeds Fest. As 2024 unfolds, Shaun is poised for an even more extensive live music agenda, featuring headline shows in Malta, additional festival appearances, and exciting collaborations on various stages.

‘Chemicals’ marks the beginning of what promises to be a triumphant year for Shaun Farrugia. Released on January 26th, the track showcases his evolving artistry and sets the tone for the exciting musical journey he has planned for his growing global fan base. Stay tuned as Shaun continues to leave his mark on the pop music scene in 2024.


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