FELTOM welcomes reopening of language schools for vaccinated students

 - COVID-19 - Jul 28
FELTOM welcomes reopening of language schools for vaccinated students

The Federation of English Language Teaching Organisations Malta welcomes the new legal amendments around English language schools. The Superintendent for Public Health recommended amendments which include the reopening the language schools to teach adults and students who are fully vaccinated. 

FELTOM claimed that it has always been in favour of those establishments which wish to operate seriously in the sector. The specific sector suffered immensely due to the sudden decision to close classrooms following an increase in COVID-19 infections and active cases. 

FELTOM also stated that it believes completely in the reopening for those fully-vaccinated students who have a right to visit Malta as much as any other tourist visiting the island. Taking away this right, the organisation said, would be discriminatory and will continue to damage the sector’s financial situation and overall reputation. 

The change in the legal advice which came through LN 314 was, according to FELTOM, the first step for the industry to start its path back towards normality. This will help to reduce the losses experienced by schools after the sector was so greatly impacted by the closure and overall pandemic. 


Photo Source: FELTOM FB, USNews.com

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