Farsons Beer Festival Closing Night Cancelled Due to Public Safety

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Farsons Beer Festival Closing Night Cancelled Due to Public Safety

In a disappointing turn of events, the much-anticipated closing night of the Farsons Beer Festival had to be cancelled in the interest of public safety. Organisers made the difficult decision due to the strong winds forecasted to hit the island, deeming it necessary to prioritise the well-being of festival-goers and participants.

The closing night was set to be a highlight of the annual event, headlined by none other than Maltese star Shaun Farrugia. The talented artist had been eagerly looking forward to the performance, and his excitement was evident as he took to social media to express his heartbreak over the news. Shaun shared that he had spent countless hours preparing material and had been dreaming about the opportunity to perform for his family and friends.

However, despite the disappointment, attendees and fans rallied behind the organisers” decision, acknowledging that safety should always come first. The Farsons Beer Festival has always been a celebration of culture, music, and community, and by putting public safety at the forefront, the organisers have once again demonstrated their commitment to the well-being of all involved.

While it’s undoubtedly a somber moment for festival-goers and Shaun Farrugia fans alike, there’s hope that future events will offer another chance to witness the Maltese star’s incredible talent on stage. For now, it’s essential to remember that the decision to cancel the closing night was made with the best intentions, ensuring that everyone remains safe during these unpredictable weather conditions.



MP Graham Bencini Spotlights Rat-Infested Waste Woes

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PN Member of Parliament Graham Bencini has taken to Facebook to raise a red flag on a pressing issue plaguing certain localities in Malta.

Sharing a striking photo of rats scavenging around overflowing dustbins, Bencini’s heartfelt post sheds light on the dire waste management situation in several areas, sparking a call to arms for immediate government intervention.

Bencini’s status echoes the repeated appeals made by mayors Noel Muscat of Swieqi, John Pillow of Tas-Sliema, and Guido Dalli of San Ġiljan.

Amidst the growing concern, Bencini points out a sobering truth that might surprise many.

The responsibility, he insists, squarely falls on the shoulders of the Government, a clarion call for prompt and effective action.

The Facebook post doesn’t mince words when it comes to the lamentable state of affairs. Bencini expresses his dismay at the visible decline of these areas over the years, highlighting a sense of neglect that has taken root.


Pets No Longer Allowed In Gozo Channel Cafeteria Area

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A Gozo Channel, announcement posted on their Facebook page has stirred up a tidal wave of public outrage and unleashed a passionate debate that’s hotter than a summer’s day on the docks.

In a statement, Gozo Channel informed its faithful travellers and the general public about a new pet policy that aims to bring some order to the furry friends sailing aboard. The announcement stated that pets would be restricted to the lobby and outdoor areas of the vessels, while being leashed or contained in pet carriers.

Furthermore, a stern reminder was issued that pets would not be permitted to roam into the lounge and cafeteria spaces.

While the intention behind this new regulation might have been to ensure a harmonious sailing experience for all passengers, it seems to have struck a nerve in the hearts of pet owners and animal lovers across the board.

A chorus of dissenting voices rose from the depths of the comment section, decrying the move as an infringement on the rights of pet owners. Others pointed out the discomfort that might arise from having pets cooped up in the crowded lobby areas, especially during peak travel times.

Supporters of the decision have voiced concerns about hygiene and passenger safety. A section of the public rallied behind Gozo Channel, agreeing that allowing pets to roam freely in enclosed spaces might lead to a messy, chaotic, and even potentially dangerous environment for passengers and pets alike.


Rose Vella Passes Away: A Strong Advocate for Justice and a Resilient Mother

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Tragedy has once again struck a family that has already endured its fair share of heartache. In the most recent hours, news broke of the passing of Rose Vella, a woman who had become an emblem of strength, resilience, and unwavering determination.

As the mother of the late Daphne Caruana Galizia, Rose Vella’s life was marked by her tireless pursuit of justice for her daughter and her unyielding commitment to causes close to her heart.

Through the ebbs and flows of time, Rose Vella remained a steadfast figure in the quest for justice for her daughter, Daphne Caruana Galizia.

Throughout the last few years, she stood resolute at the forefront of the call for accountability and truth. Her courage inspired countless others to join the battle against impunity and to uphold the principles that her daughter held dear.

Yet Rose Vella’s legacy isn’t solely defined by her role as a tenacious advocate for justice. Alongside her husband, she championed various causes that were founded upon fairness and a sense of moral duty. Together, they sought to bring about positive change and contribute to a more just society.

One ritual that etched Rose Vella into the hearts of many was her consistent presence on the 16th day of every month. This simple yet powerful gesture was her way of paying tribute to her daughter, Daphne Caruana Galizia, whose life was tragically cut short by a heinous act. Rose’s unwavering dedication to keeping Daphne’s memory alive through these monthly vigils highlighted not only a mother’s profound love but also her commitment to unmasking the truth.

In the midst of turbulent times, Rose Vella stood resolute during protests and demonstrations that echoed across the nation. Throughout the past six years, she emerged as a symbol of hope and a driving force for change. Her presence at the forefront of these protests, especially during the tumultuous political crisis of 2019, showcased her unshakeable spirit and her unflagging belief in the power of collective action.

Behind the public persona was a woman who, alongside her husband Michael Vella, raised four children – Daphne, Mandy, Corinne, and Helen. Her legacy extends beyond her activism, echoing through the lives of her children and the countless individuals who drew inspiration from her strength.


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