Extended times & increased seating for establishments welcoming only vaccinated patrons

 - COVID-19 - Sep 28

In a press conference addressed by Health Minister Chris Fearne earlier this afternoon, it was revealed that bars and restaurants which limit entry to their establishment to solely vaccinated individuals will be allowed relax COVID-19 measures as of next week.

Relaxed measures include a decrease in between tables from two metres to one and a half metres along with the maximum of people seated around the table going up from six to eight. Opening hours of such establishments will also be extended to 3am with a limited bar service.

If they choose to go ahead with such measures, the operators must check that attendees aged 12 and over provide a valid vaccine certificate and ensure that all staff are vaccinated. Bars & restaurants who choose to allow unvaccinated patrons must abide by the measures currently in place.

The Deputy Prime Minister went on to reveal that Malta will also start recognising certificates issued by Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Rwanda.

Do you agree with these new measures.


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