Expert issues warnings against vape pens as they gain popularity

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Expert issues warnings against vape pens as they gain popularity worldwide

A health expert has issued a warning over the increasing use of vape pens, as many substitute cigarettes for the electronic alternative. 

Despite vapes ‘generally’ being better than cigarettes, a researcher at the University of Chester, Dr Gareth Nye, has said that there is still reasonable potential for lung damage and cancer. 

The popularity of vaping has also rocketed up in Malta, with many teens trying them out in hopes of quitting their cigarette and tobacco addiction. 

The doctor warned that there is limited scientific evidence regarding such products, mainly regarding the liquid used to vape with, rather than the vaping device itself. The liquid can contain nicotine as well as harmful carcinogens and toxicants found in cigarettes. 

And, given the still harmful impacts, users are now smoking the devices indoors and as such increase the amount of smoking throughout the day. This could also boost the amount of second-hand smoking for non-smokers. 

A local study conducted earlier this year showed that a vast of majority of kids participating in a research had traces of second-hand smoke in their bodies. Around 95.4% of kids were exposed to nicotine, despite 72.4% of parents reporting that they were not exposed to smoke at home. 


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Eurovision song in Maltese not impossible says Minister Owen Bonnici

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Eurovision song in Maltese not impossible says Minister Owen Bonnici

Minister for National Heritage, the Art and Local Government has revealed that he will not completely rule out sending a Eurovision representative with a song in Maltese. 

Ever since Malta re-entered the Eurovision race back in 1991, all songs have been performed in English, with one-off words in Maltese. 

Each year, the debate resumes as to whether or not Malta could finally send a representative using our language for the entirety of the song. Speaking on TVM News Plus’ Xtra, Minister Bonnici did not exclude the prospect. 

‘We have to see which cultural aspects make us stand out and celebrate them in today’s circumstances’ the Minister said. He pointed to the government’s success in the cultural field of bringing together the different audiences in the performing arts by ‘marrying popular culture with classic art’. 

This year, Emma Muscat’s ‘I Am What I Am’ failed to make it to the final round of the prestigious competition. The runner up in the Maltese edition, Aidan’s ‘Ritmu’ was sung in Maltese. 


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K-Pop star band BTS announce an indefinite hiatus

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K-Pop star band BTS announce an indefinite hiatus

K-Pop icons BTS have just announced they will be going on an indefinite hiatus so that each member has time to focus on solo projects. 

Billboard reported that the seven-man band revealed the news around 20 minutes into a FESTA dinner, in which they sat around and reminisced about their time together. 

The move comes just days after the band released ‘Proof’, their first ever anthology album. Also released on the same day, the 10th of June, was hit single ‘Yet to Come (The Most Beautiful Moment)’. 

The bomb of a news was dropped casually by Suga, who simply said ‘we’re going on a hiatus now’, completely out of the blue. 

The comments were followed up by member RM, with the 27-year-old saying that he was glad BTS had formed as he did not know what he would have done if the band never formed. However, he said he had changed and that he needed some time for himself. 

Jimin said the band ‘can’t help but think of our fans’ at a time like this and said he hoped they’d understand they were all ‘going through a rough patch’ on the ‘exhausting and long process’ of finding their own identities.

J-Hope, who said that this is no way the end forever, is most likely the first to perform solo as he is due to headline Lollapalooza 2022 next month. The band have sold over 30 million albums, making them the best selling artists in South Korean history. 



Young local guitarist Shaun Vella racking views with solo covers

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Young local guitarist Shaun Vella racking views with solo covers

For today’s talent highlight, meet Shaun Vella – a young local guitarist who is riffing out renditions of popular songs in his room. 

Here he is utterly slaying ‘Angeleyes’ by ABBA, making the cover seem so easy to play. This is just one video showing his musical skill and approach to a world renowned song. 


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His personal TikTok account has been amassing views and follows, currently standing at 595 followers. But, given his persistence and obvious passion for playing the guitar, we think he is deserving of way more recognition! 


If ‘Peaches’ 🍑 had a guitar solo 🎸 #fyp #foryoupage #guitartok #peaches #justinbieber #justice #giveon #danielceaser

♬ original sound – Shaun Vella

Shaun has also been playing with local band Light House alongside some very talented musicians like himself. So you might want to check out their work as well, with their latest song ‘Come Along’ officially out now. 


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