Experience Musical Magic: Colours of Spring Symphonic Concert

Experience Musical Magic: Colours of Spring Symphonic Concert
May 17 2024 Share

Brace yourself for a breathtaking fusion of music and spectacle at the ‘Colours of Spring Symphonic Concert’ TONIGHT at 8:30PM, at the Qbajjar Promenade in Marsalforn, Gozo!

Hosted by the St Mary Band Club and the Gozo Youth Orchestra, alongside Gozitan DJ & producer extraordinaire Micimago as well as special guest singers Ludwig Galea and Jolene Samhan, this symphonic concert promises an unforgettable evening of classical and contemporary melodies.

Led by the talented Mro Joseph Grech, the concert will feature a lineup of special guest singers, adding an extra layer of magic to the performance. From timeless classics to modern tunes, experience a symphony of sounds like never before.

This event isn’t just about music; it’s also a part of the project ‘Gozo… The Destination of Tales and Trails’, adding depth and meaning to the cultural experience. So, mark your calendars and gather your loved ones for a night of harmony under the stars.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to witness the ‘Colours of Spring’ come alive through music in the picturesque setting of Marsalforn.

For more information and the full Gozo events calendar, visit https://eventsingozo.com/


Calls For Adoption After 28 Dogs Rescued From Neglect

May 17 2024 Share

28 dogs have all been rescued from neglect in the town of Zebbug by Animal Welfare Malta.

After their successful rescuing several Facebook pages have been asking the public to take in some of the cute pups whether it be temporarily fostering them and giving them a home they so badly need and crave or committing 100 percent and adopting them to show them the unconditional love they sadly never got.

Facebook page,  Rescued is my Favorite Breed, have been posting several profiles of the dogs in order to try find them a home.

Dogs such as Suzie who for the first time can go out and feel the grass under her paws and loves walks and cuddles and Teddy who clearly  suffered physically due to neglect are all available and looking for potential families to love them and cherish them.


Maltese Hotspot Finder ‘geohub.gov.mt’ Officially Launched

Maltese Hotspot Finder 'geohub.gov.mt' Officially Launched
May 17 2024 Share

At the end of a conference on skills and careers, the Head of the Public Administration launched a new portal, geohub.gov.mt, through which citizens will be able to acquire real time information.

Among others, one can find information on the location of Government offices, clinics and hospitals, pharmacies, sports facilities, schools and childcare centres, historical sites, museums and underwater attractions, roads and other information. This is another confirmation that if we use technology more, we will be able to bring our services closer to the citizen.

At the end of the second Public Service Expo24 conference, which tackled skills and careers in the public administration, Principal Permanent Secretary, Tony Sultana, said that technology is there to help us become more efficient in our work and not to replace our jobs. The daily changes brought about by technological progress, which have reached a very fast pace, must be welcomed with hands wide open to continue to evolve for the better of our services.

This conference, for which employees from scale 5 to 10 were invited, focused on the various skills we have in the public administration, as well as on the fulfilling careers that one can develop. In a message to the employees before him, Mr Sultana encouraged them to seek their professional development because in the administration we have important tools for career development. He also referred to the Institute for Public Services as a strategic partner in employee development as well as the Employee Support Programme which offers services for employees in difficulty.

It is important that the skills of our employees are continuously looked after and improved, and at the same time offering a strong career possibility. Only in this way will we be strengthening the public administration to offer excellent services, concluded Mr Sultana.


Maltese Presenter Sarah Bajada Donates Hair To L-Istrina

May 17 2024 Share

Maltese Presenter Sarah Bajada has posted a heartwarming video on her Instagram revealing that she cut her hair to donate it to well known charity L-Istrina.

Sarah’s donated hair will result into the creation of real hair wigs for patients that unfortunately need them due to illnesses or therapy.

In her post she revealed that most of her fans have always known her with long luscious wavy hair so she was initially very scared to cut it. However she then revealed that her hair is more than just her identity but that it holds the power to bring joy and confidence to those that really need it.

She ended her post by encouraging others to also share their hair for a good cause and also reminded her fans the impact sharing can have.