Experience Global Flavours at the Gozo Food Festival

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Get ready to take your taste buds on a trip at the Gozo Food Festival, set to take place on Friday, July 12th, and Saturday, July 13th, at the Xewkija Main Square.

This culinary extravaganza will feature a mouth-watering array of dishes from 10 different countries, ensuring a global feast right in the heart of Gozo. From Mexican Tacos to Bao Buns, Golden Parmiggiano Pasta to Sushi, there’s something to satisfy every craving.

But the festival isn’t just about food. The atmosphere will be vibrant with live music, adding a melodic backdrop to your culinary journey. Families will find plenty of entertainment, with activities designed to keep children delighted. Adults can unwind at the wine bar, savouring exquisite selections that perfectly complement the diverse food offerings.

The Gozo Food Festival promises more than just a meal – it’s an experience. Stroll through the charming Xewkija Square, discover hidden culinary gems, and enjoy a relaxing evening filled with flavours and fun. Whether you’re a foodie or just looking for a great night out, this festival is set to deliver an unforgettable experience. Don’t miss out on this celebration of food, music, and community spirit.


Maltese Woman Shares Body Positivity Story

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Maltese woman Chantelle has revealed her inspiring body positivity story on her Instagram, aiming to inspire any person suffering with insecurities over their body.

She stated that life has thrown her some unexpected challenges and that while the physical scars are still healing, the emotional journey she has been on has been just as intense.

Chantelle exclusively revealed to Malta Daily that six months ago, in the middle of an important course for her career she unexpectedly ended up in the hospital with severe pain. What she thought to be appendicitis turned out to be more serious, requiring surgery and several weeks in the hospital.

In her post Chantelle thanked her family and close ones for her encouragement.

She reminded that anyone going through a tough time to be kind to themselves and that your scars are proof of your behavior. Chantelle ended the post by stating “Keep shining, keep fighting, and most importantly, keep loving yourself.”


Calls For Dog’s Adoption After Facing Cruelty & Abuse

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Maxine Farrugua shares a plea for help for Tilly, a two-year-old medium-sized dog, who’s early life was marked by hardship, in finding a stable and caring home.

Tilly’s journey began in South Lebanon, where she faced unimaginable cruelty. Abused by the local civilian population and faced the breaking out of war. Amidst the chaos of bombings and hostility, Tilly roamed the streets, searching for food and safety.

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In the midst of it all, Tilly found her way to a military camp. At less than a year old, she gave birth to a puppy, only to have it taken away from her. Both mother and pup were confined to separate cages. Despite these harsh conditions, Tilly’s spirit remained unbroken.

Now, Tilly is safe in Malta, where she is finally experiencing the security she’s missed her whole life. She is described to be a quiet and well-behaved companion. Tilly walks peacefully on a leash and waits patiently at home after her walks, without any destructive behavior or excessive barking. She only barks if someone knocks at the door, a perfectly normal reaction.

Given her past, Farrugia explains that Tilly requires some training to help her fully adjust to a domestic life. Her time on the streets and in a war-torn environment has made self-reliance a necessity, but with patience and love, she is sure to thrive. Her gentle nature speaks volumes about her capacity for love and trust, despite her past experiences.

Please, consider opening your heart and home to Tilly. She needs a stable environment where she can feel safe and cherished. Your support can help Tilly transition from a life of chaos to one of comfort and security.


Bolt Couriers Should Unionise Advises Ministers Amid Strikes

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Amid strikes by hundreds of Bolt food delivery couriers protesting reduced wages, Ministers Andy Ellul and Byron Camilleri have publicly endorsed the couriers and advised them to unionize or report any injustices by their employers to the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER).

The strike which occurred over the past weekend featured around 345 couriers refusing to accept orders from Bolt.

Exclusively speaking to Malta Daily, a spokesperson from Bolt stated that the company does respect the rights of the couriers to protest and revealed that Bolt does not actually employ the couriers but instead collaborates with fleet operators that provide delivery services and compensates them per delivery with respect to Maltese laws.

The spokesperson also revealed that Bolt has always been committed to partnering with fleet operators that meet their legal requirements and is actively removing those fleet operators which are not operating under those said legal guidelines. Lastly it was revealed that olt is currently cooperating with the Maltese Authorities, specifically the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER).

Employment Minister Byron Camilleri has endorsed the striking couriers even advising them to unionise and offering them support from the Employment ministry.

Parliamentary Secretary for Social Dialogue Andy Ellul also reaffirmed his support for the couriers also advising them to report any injustices by their employers to the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations (DIER).

Despite governmental support, the situation on the ground tells a different story. Although new regulations are meant to ensure minimum wage, overtime pay, and various benefits, many couriers report earning less than Malta’s minimum wage of €4.82 per hour. This discrepancy underscores a substantial gap between the legislation and its enforcement.