Exhibitions, Concerts & World’s First Boat Museum at Art Explora Festival

Mar 21 2024 Share

The Art Explora Festival, set against the scenic backdrop of the Xatt Pinto Waterfront, has officially opened its doors, offering an enriching cultural experience from March 21st to March 31st. At the heart of this festival is an extraordinary 47-metre long and 55-metre high catamaran, a collaborative masterpiece by Axel de Beaufort and Guillaume Verdier, showcasing the world’s first floating museum.

This inaugural event in Malta invites up to 2,000 daily visitors aboard for a unique journey of artistic and technological exploration. Constructed in Italy and flying the French flag, the catamaran stands as a symbol of art’s fusion with innovation, enhanced by collaborations with the Louvre Museum, Graphics eMotion, Soundwalk Collective, and Ircam x Centre Pompidou.

Over ten days, the festival will host an array of activities spanning film, dance, circus arts, music, and visual arts, engaging both local and international artists and audiences in over 30 initiatives and 55 activities. This vibrant program aims to reflect on environmental sustainability, social justice, and well-being, encouraging participants to contemplate and act on these crucial issues.

Workshops focusing on cultural diversity, ecological preservation, and gender equality are designed to inspire children aged 6 to 11+, utilising Louvre artefacts to foster interactive learning. Additionally, the Open Book Fora provides a platform for discussing contemporary societal challenges, promoting dialogue and understanding.

A standout feature, Ocean Weekend, will delve into marine conservation themes through discussions, screenings, and NGO-led sessions, emphasising local and global oceanic issues. In partnership with the Malta Biennale and the French Embassy in Valletta, the festival underscores its commitment to interdisciplinary exploration and community engagement.

The Art Explora Festival not only celebrates artistic expression but also serves as a beacon for social change, inviting attendees to immerse themselves in a world of creativity and critical thought, aimed at forging a more just and sustainable future.

For more information visit https://kreattivita.org/en/art-explora-event-list-en/ and reserve your free admission from https://www.kreattivita.org/


Mr Beast Unveils Amazon Game Show ‘Beast Games’

Mr Beast Unveils Amazon Game Show 'Beast Games'
Mar 20 2024 Share

MrBeast, renowned for his philanthropy and daring challenges on YouTube, announced his transition to Amazon Prime with a new reality competition show called “Beast Games.”

This show, as per Amazon’s announcement, will host over 1,000 contestants competing for a $5,000,000 prize and aims to set multiple world records.

In an interview, MrBeast, also known as Jimmy Donaldson, expressed his ambition for “Beast Games” to surpass Netflix’s “Squid Game: The Challenge” in scale.

Donaldson’s decision to collaborate with Amazon was influenced by the platform’s willingness to grant him creative control, allowing him to serve as both host and executive producer.

Jennifer Salke, Amazon’s Head of MGM Studios, expressed enthusiasm for working with Donaldson, recognizing his global audience appeal.

Despite the expected high production standards, Donaldson intends to maintain the authenticity of his YouTube content.

Alongside his YouTube success and philanthropic efforts, including funding cataract surgeries and surprising individuals with cash gifts, Donaldson has ventured into the food industry with the successful expansion of his burger restaurant chain, MrBeast Burger.


Malta’s Youths Unhappiest In The EU

Malta's Youths Unhappiest In The EU
Mar 20 2024 Share

The World Happiness Report disclosed that Maltese individuals under 30 are the least content within the EU, positioned 57th globally, trailing all EU states and nations like Moldova and El Salvador.

A UN-sponsored study evaluated happiness levels on a scale of 1 to 10, with Maltese youth registering 6.45, lower than Lithuania yet surpassing the US, Canada, and Japan. Discontent among Maltese youth has surged in recent years, with scores plummeting by nearly 0.4 since 2006-2010.

Overall, Malta secured the 40th position globally in happiness, with Scandinavian countries dominating the zenith. While younger individuals worldwide generally exhibit higher happiness levels, Maltese older adults scored marginally lower than the youth.

Despite reports of increased unhappiness among the youth, other age demographics display greater contentment than they did 15 years ago.

Malta’s overall happiness score escalated by almost 0.4 during this period but has oscillated in recent years.

Remarkably, Malta ranks third for generosity and 13th for healthy life expectancy. However, perceptions regarding corruption are ambivalent, with Malta placed 77th globally, signifying room for improvement.


Malta’s Air Polluted With Double The Recommended Amount

Malta's Air Polluted With Double The Recommended Amount
Mar 20 2024 Share

A recent report indicates that Malta’s air quality significantly exceeds World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines, with fine particle levels more than double the recommended threshold.

These particles, measuring just 2.5 millionths of a metre, pose severe health risks, including asthma, cancer, and cardiovascular diseases, primarily due to their easy absorption into the lungs and bloodstream.

Malta ranks 49th out of 134 countries in terms of air quality, with an average PM2.5 concentration of 12 micrograms per cubic meter in 2023.

Comparatively, French Polynesia boasts the cleanest air worldwide, while Bangladesh suffers from extremely high pollution levels.

In Europe, Malta ranks 26th, with Iceland leading in air quality and Bosnia Herzegovina having the poorest.

Despite consistent pollution levels since 2018, Malta’s efforts to improve air quality have shown little success amidst rampant construction and increased car usage, both of which continue unabated.

Census data underscores the construction boom, with dwellings increasing by a third between 2011 and 2021, far outpacing population growth. These findings underscore the urgent need for Malta to address its air pollution crisis amidst ongoing urban development and transportation challenges.