Exam stress? Here are 5 tips to help you study

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Exam stress? Here are 5 tips to help you study

With exam season in full swing, students are currently trying their best to cope with the immense pressure, tight deadlines and stacks upon stacks of notes. Whether you’re in sixth form or University, dealing with exam stress can feel like a long and strenuous task, but it doesn’t have to be. Following a set of pre-established study rules will not only improve your workflow but alleviate the stress brought upon whatever you’re studying for. That’s why Malta Daily and KPMG are here to present 5 tips to help you study.

Set Realistic Goals

Studying for the sake of studying will probably make the process feel longer than it is, which is why you always need to set goals. Making a to-do list with daily or weekly goals allows you to work on what’s important and free your mind of objectives which can be tackled at a later stage.

Setting realistic goals will allow you to keep your cool and perceive your workload as a series of hurdles rather than one big, seemingly-impossible, obstacle. This will allow you to keep your cool and approach studying patiently & holistically, rendering positive results.

Put away the non-essentials

One of the biggest problems faced by the new generation of students is that distractions are literally everywhere and what started as a 5-minute digression to watch a ‘Suggested’ YouTube video turns into a 45-minute window of wasted opportunities.

That’s why it is important to put away the non-essentials before beginning to study. While electronics have seamlessly integrated themselves into the academic process, social media networks and streaming platforms can only hinder one’s workflow. Our tip is to find (or make) a study playlist to help you focus and dive headfirst into your studies without any distractions.

Get Organised

Working in a disorganised environment is one of the biggest mistakes whilst studying because you’ll end up spending more time looking for things than you do getting work done.

Once you designate an appropriate working area, lay down everything you need in an organised manner. In addition to the to-do lists you’ve already jotted down, tools such as sticky notes and ring files will help you keep your material accessible and in order. If you really want to have your documents in order, colour-coding systems have also proven beneficial.

Pace Yourself

Don’t. Overtire. Yourself. Trying to get all of your work done in one sitting is something which every student has tried at some point or other. However, mindlessly going at it for hours on end will most certainly render positive results. Pacing oneself and resting when necessary is essential to maintain a healthy mind and body.

While it may be tempting to overindulge in coffee, energy drinks and snacks whilst studying, resting well, maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water will benefit you in the long run.

KPMG Buddy System

When working alone, studying may seem like the most difficult thing in the world. Hitting a standstill and having no one to turn to takes motivation to remarkable lows. That’s why KPMG’s Buddy System is one of the ultimate tools during study season.

This initiative is one of the benefits of joining KPMG’s graduate or ACCA programmes. Students may seek assistance from KPMG employees on needs such as assignments, exams, dissertation and more. Buddies do not only help students familiarise themselves with the KPMG system, but can also advise on client interaction, answer any work-related queries and be there to support students throughout their studies, even when they are not working at KPMG.

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