Even animals deserve Christmas presents! Stray cats & dogs receive €1,400 worth of food

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It seems like every December, the amount of charity work in Malta increases tenfold, with residents of the little rock coming together to help those in need all across the island. While heart-warming in every scenario, when such charity work extends to animals, you can’t help but respect the selflessness.

This December, the Association for Abandoned Animals (AAA) in Birzebbugia and the Tomasina Cat Sanctuary in Qormi both received a pleasant surprise from Pet Nutrition after the company donated a whopping amount of food to the sanctuaries, both of which need all of the help they can get right now.

The company donated 30 large bags (450kg) of Cat Dry Food to the Tomasina Sanctuary worth €550 as well as 20 large bags (400kg) of Dry Food to the Association for Abandoned Animals worth €350 along with with 850 meals worth €500. Both sanctuaries are non-governmental organisations who host hundreds of stray or abandoned animals and operate thanks to the contribution of animal-loving volunteers and organisations like Pet Nutrition.

Pet Nutrition House Ltd. Head of Marketing Communications Andrew Cassar told Malta Daily that every little helps in such situations and that they encourage other companies to contribute to the cause and donate whenever they can. During 2021, Pet Nutrition donated a total of 1750kg of Dry Foods and 2500 wet food meals to 10+ sanctuaries in Malta and Gozo.

Have you ever donated to an animal sanctuary?


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International news portals shed spotlight on Malta over cannabis law

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Malta hasn’t been short of international news attention in the past few years, but the recent legalisation of cannabis has catapulted the attention sky-high. 

Acclaimed portals such as Politico, BBC, Reuters, The Guardian and Euronews all shared the story with the headlines stating how Malta has become the first EU country to legalise cannabis for personal use. 

Most portals cited Reforms Minister Owen Bonnici, with the portals even getting comments from him expressing how the prior laws were too hard on cannabis users and that this will move away from the hard-fisted approach.

Reuters claimed how Malta is seeking to ‘position itself as a European leader in the production of medical cannabis having approved legalisation in 2018 to permit the production of such cannabis for medicinal and research purposes.’

Many portals also highlighted the Opposition Party’s stance when it came to the reform, who said that it will normalise and potentially even increase drug use in the country. 

Other countries are being touted as moving towards legalising the drug themselves, with the most associated with cannabis tolerance being the Netherlands and being one such country. 


Photo Source: Verywell Mind


One of Malta’s favourite Asian spots is offering restaurant-quality take-away food!

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One of Malta's favourite Asian spots is offering restaurant-quality take-away food!

A few names come to mind when you’re thinking of Asian food spots in Malta, but the name Wagyu has become a standout favourite amongst locals for more reasons than you can count and we can definitely understand why.

This Asian Fusion hotspot surged in popularity when it first opened in Valletta, serving everything from Sushi & Ramen to Wagyu Burgers and Cocktails, making it the ideal location for an unmatched foodie outing. Everything took a step further when Wagyu To Go in Marsascala opened its doors, making this spot’s incredible Asian food so much more accessible… and now it’s finally in St. Julian’s.

What does this mean for Malta’s food scene? This means that mouth-watering Asian fusion dishes are more accessible than ever, with Wagyu To Go offering the same deliciousness we have become accustomed to in quick & tasty to-go parcels. If you’re a sucker for sushi can’t say no to the noodles, Wagyu to Go’s selection has something for everyone.

Wok Hei Noodles and Rice, Iza Kaya nibbles, Sushi & Poke Bowls; whether you’re planning a delicious date night, big night in with friends or anything else, Wagyu To Go’s restaurant-quality is fast, fresh and found in St. Julian’s, Marsascala and via delivery on Bolt & Wolt.

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COVID-19 wage supplement extended until January

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COVID-19 wage supplement extended until January

Prime Minister Robert Abela has confirmed that the wage supplement intended to help businesses recover from the impacts of COVID-19 has been extended until January. 

The PM said that ‘on an international level there is uncertainty when it comes to travelling, and we also saw that companies are facing a logistics headache when importing goods.’ 

He pointed out how he and the government want to sustain the progress achieved over the last few months and not lose at such a crucial time.

Determined to support people during uncertain times, he said, ‘we don’t want people to lost their jobs.’ The extension to the wage supplement was also called on by Opposition leader Bernard Grech earlier this month. 


Photo Source: Robert Abela FB, Score

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