Even adults deserve presents! Here are 7 Christmas deals you should check out ASAP

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Even adults deserve presents! Here are 7 Christmas deals you should check out ASAP

One of the biggest Christmas-time dilemmas is naturally what presents you should buy who, more so when you’re shopping for adults. In today’s technologically-advanced and logistically-demanding world, parents’ or family members’ Christmas presents aren’t as easy to acquire as they used to be, but that doesn’t always have to be the case.

Thankfully, FBP are stocked up on some absolutely awesome Christmas goodies which will make any adult feel like a child again. With everything from chocolate fountains for the sweet-toothed grown-ups to outdoor heaters for the garden and conservatory aficionados, finding the right Christmas gift for everyone has honestly never been so easy.

Brownie Maker

Very little words produce the same amount of joy as ‘Brownie Maker’ when attached together and being an owner of the real thing is enough to put a smile on any adult’s face. Open the door to an abundance of sweet treats at just the flick of a switch. What’s even better is that this home appliance comes at the price of €39.60, which means that you are less than forty euro away from having a plate of warm, gooey brownies in front of you.

Air Fryer

There’s a reason that Air Fryer was added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary this year. To quote the dictionary itself, an air fryer is “an airtight, usually small electrical appliance for quick cooking of foods by means of convection currents circulated rapidly by a fan.” Beyond the dictionary meaning, the air fryer is a life-changing home appliance which allows you to rid yourself of the use of oil in your cooking with the same satisfying results. FBP’s SOGO Air Fryer comes at just €93.90.

Indoor & Outdoor Heaters

Considering 2021’s rapid shifts in weather, one of the greatest gifts you can give this year is the gift of comfort and warmth. Whether you find yourself freezing indoors thanks to Malta’s humid climate or want to spend more time in the outdoor areas of your home, FBP’s selection of indoor & outdoor heaters have got you sorted regardless of how cold it may get. The brand’s extensive range of heaters from brands like Plein Air and Zesti offer high quality equipment at immensely affordable prices.

Coffee Maker

Caffeine does indeed make the world go round, and providing the source of someone’s morning booster or evening pick-me-up will surely be appreciated by many. For coffee lovers of all ages, the SOGO Coffee Maker SS-5665 supports both ground coffee and coffee pods and comes at just €138. To top it all off, the machine comes with a milk-steaming nozzle for those days when you’re feeling a little extra fancy and want to bust out the cappuccinos, and at just €138, it’s a bargain.


Let’s face it, we’ve all considered a liquid diet at some point in our lives. Be it for the desperate desire to detox or simply an attempt at pursuing a healthier, less junk food-oriented lifestyle, a blender seemed like the key to this… but it’s so much more than that. The aforementioned is certainly achievable, but a device like FBP’s Zilan blender makes delicious soups, milkshakes, sauces as accessible as ever, just a twist-of-the-knob away at only €58.80.

Vacuum Cleaners

Clean freaks, this one’s for you. We’ve all got a family member or close friend who is absolutely obsessed with the non-stop cleaning every single crevice of their home. Thanks to the range of Zilan Vacuum Cleaners available at FBP, avid cleaners can glide from one side of their residence to the other with utmost efficiency at the stellar price of €139.79. It certainly isn’t the most glamorous present in the world, but for people who are clean, efficient and goal-oriented, this is the one.

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‘Case numbers in schools are not alarming’ says Education Minister

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‘Case numbers in schools are not alarming’ says Education Minister

Minister for Education Justyne Caruana has stated that while there are COVID-19 cases in Malta’s schools, the rate is not alarming. She went on to state that close analysis of COVID-19 cases in local schools is being made, both in students as well as educators, going on to highlight that the Education Ministry is conforming with the health authorities’ instructions and guidelines.

The Minister stated that the vaccination programme for children over 12 is progressing nicely, with educators around Malta currently taking their booster doses. Despite case numbers not being alarming, the Minister stated that should the health authorities advise them to increase measures, they will do so.

A Pfizer vaccine will also be available for children aged between five and 11 as soon as they are available, European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen recently revealed.

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WHOLESOME AF: ‘Gozo Crafty Ladies’ decorate streets with their knitting for Christmas

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WHOLESOME AF: 'Gozo Crafty Ladies' decorate streets with their knitting for Christmas

Gozo has started to adopt a shade of Christmas with its streets being decorated for the yuletide season and just a few days ago, the facade of Kerċem’s local council building was decorated with a crochet Christmas tree knitted by the community-based ‘Gozo Crafty Ladies.’

Photo Source: Gozo Crafty Ladies - Kerċem Branch Facebook Group

Photo Source: Gozo Crafty Ladies – Kerċem Branch Facebook Group

According to their Kerċem branch’s Facebook group, the ‘Gozo Crafty Ladies’ are a group of local and foreign ladies which “aim to help charities and missions by working crafts, mainly knitting and crochet, to be donated.” Their work has since been donated to organisations like NICPU and the Maternity Ward at Mater Dei, refugee camps in Greece and sent for disadvantaged countries like Ethiopia, Peru and Guatemala.

Their most-recent project, ‘The Tree of Life’ was a by-product of the effects of COVID-19, with the ladies sending materials and textiles to each other’s homes, where they would work on separate parts of the tree individually. The tree will be illuminated in Kerċem until January 7th 2022 and is one of the many Christmas decorations created by this group to brighten up the streets of Gozo throughout the year.

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Police who have not yet had booster shot ordered not enter buildings except for emergencies

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Police who have not yet had booster shot ordered not enter buildings except for emergencies

The Malta Police Union has issued directives instructing its members who have yet to receive their COVID-19 booster vaccine to refuse entering buildings or premises unless it is an emergency.

This comes in the midst of a trade dispute registered by the Malta Police Union, which is disputing the fact that police officers have yet to receive their COVID-19 booster jab, highlighting that around 1,500 had registered to receive it. The union stated that “during inspections of any type, [officers should] refrain from entering any building and/or premises, except when there is a call for help, in case of emergency or danger to the safety of another person,” which instructions will come into effect as of Friday at 6pm.

It has been noted that officers who decided not to receive the vaccine or booster are not covered by the Union’s directives and officers who receive the dose should stop following the directives.

In a recent Facebook post, the Union also stated that the ongoing Industrial mediation process “is being hijacked by including another Union which is not part of the Dispute registered by the Malta Police Union on the 18th November 2021.”

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