European Parliament President Roberta Metsola makes second visit to Ukraine since war began

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Roberta Metsola, the President of the European Parliament, has returned to Ukraine for the second time since the war began. 

During her visit, Metsola met with Ruslan Stefanchuk, the President of Ukraine’s parliament, and promised to strengthen cooperation between Ukraine and the EU’s parliament.

Her visit comes just days after the one-year anniversary of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and follows an address by Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to the European Parliament.

Metsola called on EU countries to send long-range military systems to Kyiv and for Ukraine to be given a pathway to eventual EU membership.

The visit also coincided with a surprise visit by US Attorney General Merrick Garland to the country.


Protestors demand climate action to end to fossil finance

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On 3 March, protestors gathered in front of Parliament House in Valletta along with millions of activists around the world for the Global Climate Strike. Concerned citizens rallied together to support this year’s strike to end fossil finance. 

Activists called on the local government to keep fossil fuels in the ground and invest in renewable energy whilst also supporting public and active commuters, such as pedestrians and people on bicycles, rather than further incentivising car use. 

The activists said that about “half of the carbon emissions of Malta comes from road transport, yet the government continues to pursue car-centric infrastructure projects, entrenching the use of an energy intensive mode of transport. The sustainable policy target for 2030 is to reduce car use by 41% from 1990 levels yet the government is doing the opposite by systematically excluding alternative mobility users. Meanwhile, we are spending €1.5 million every single day on fossil fuel subsidies. We can completely transition to a carbon neutral energy system should we wish to, but the will to steer Malta away from a climate insecure future is currently seriously lacking.”

In a press statement, they said that, “This is in direct contradiction with the government’s and European Green Deal targets of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, as well as internationally agreed targets of keeping global warming to well below 2 degrees and ideally no more than 1.5 degrees of warming. Even breaching the 1.5 target risks activating tipping points in the climate system, threatening to render the Earth uninhabitable for humans. Climate projections show a large decrease in precipitation in the Mediterranean basin as the planet warms, as well as an increase in extreme weather events, threatening ecological integrity, as well as water and food security.”

The International Energy Agency has stated that further fossil fuel production is incompatible with carbon neutrality goals while the UN Environment Programme Emissions Gap report states that a “rapid transformation of societies” is necessary to avoid climate catastrophe. In this context, the government’s decisions to issue oil and gas exploration licences is a non-starter and should have never been considered. 

In addition to the immediate revocation of oil and gas licences and the shelving of the gas pipeline to Sicily, protestors demanded that the government, keeps fossil fuels in the ground, invests in renewable energy, increase the 2030 target to 40% renewable energy, prioritise people not cars, support public transport and create active commuting options .


The youth absolutely steal the show on Brillanti’s latest episode!

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In the third episode of Brillanti Dance, Joseph Chetcuti was once again joined by judges Brenda Lee Grech, Patrick Odametey and Andrea Attila to see whether a new cohort of auditioning dancers have what it takes to be deemed Brillanti.


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This episode introduced couples into the programme – dancers who will be competing in duets throughout the competition. 

The dancers who passed through this week were the three elegant dancers Noa NG, Ella Joy Zammit and Nelly Fenech, who dazzled their judges with their discipline, execution and flow. 

And last but not least were Luke Brincat and Ally Mifsud, the very first couple to pass through to the next phase with their unique style and approach. 


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But the stars of the show were definitely the younger dancers! From an incredibly talented gymnast and an energetic freestyler, young dancers now have the chance to win the most promising dancer award and win €1000! 

The judges will continue their search for the best dancers next week on Friday at 2030hrs on ONE. 


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23 people found living illegally in Malta to be sent back to home countries as inspections continue

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23 people found living illegally in Malta to be sent back to home countries as inspections continue

23 people have been found living illegally in Malta after inspections conducted in Pieta, Bugibba, Saint Venera, Paola and Marsascala.

Inspections conducted by the Malta Police Force and Detention Services found people of various nationalities including Ghana, Gambia, Mali and Nigeria.

The individuals were taken to the Malta Police Force General Headquarters in Floriana to begin their repatriation process.

Investigations are currently under way and are expected to continue in the coming weeks.


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