European countries continue to struggle as restrictions increase

Oct 14 2020 Share

Various European countries have been taking measures to control the spread of COVID-19 as cases continue to surge.

Italy has imposed a ban on parties and amateur football while making mask-wearing obligatory inside and outside public places, the same goes for Holland.

The Czech Republic is once again going into partial lockdown where schools, restaurants clubs and bars will be temporarily closed.

The Czech Republic has the highest infection rate in Europe.


Malta Food Bank Foundation reports an increase in demand & donations

Oct 14 2020 Share

The Malta Food Bank foundation is one of the organisations whose been functioning at full speed ever since the pandemic came along, due to the dramatic increase in people who did not have the resources to feed themselves.

The Food Bank donates food to non-governmental organisations who are in need. During the first nine months of 2020, the Malta Food Bank foundation distributed 250,000 meals worth of food to fifteen different NGOs registered with them.

Irene Schembri, president of the foundation, remarked that while the need for food has increased, so have the donations.


Facebook will ban anti-vaccination ads

Oct 14 2020 Share

With the eventual arrival of the COVID-19 vaccine in mind, social media is blow up with coverage about the matter.

However, Social media giant Facebook has announced that it will be banning any and all anti-vaccine ads as they launched a public health campaign last Tuesday.

These ads highlight a change in Facebook’s policy, as the site used to take down ads with misinformation but allow media illustrating the opposition of vaccines as they did not necessarily spread ‘false claims’.


Two Britian’s Got Talent judges forced to quarantine following a coronavirus outbreak on set

Oct 14 2020 Share

Two members of the Britain’s Got Talent judging panel have been forced to self-isolate, it has been reported. The set of the ITV show has been hit by the coronavirus outbreak following several crew members testing positive.

As a result, two of the judges are believed to be isolating indoors for the next fourteen days. The judging panel of the talent show consists of Alesha Dixon, David Walliams, Amanda Holden and Ashley Banjo, however it is not known which two judges are having to isolate.

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An insider has told The Sun that show bosses have ensured the stars who might be infected will stay indoors for the two week period. They said: “The production staff in question work closely with the judging panel, particularly two of them, meaning that once they had a positive test it was bosses’ duty to inform them and send them home.

Source: https://www.ok.co.uk/celebrity-news/britains-got-talent-judges-quarantine-22840788