6 ridiculous things you could do if you won Friday’s €158,000,000 EuroMillions Superdraw

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€158 million is a lot of money and for most, it’s difficult (if not impossible) to quantify what one would do with that amount of cash in hand. However, what normally sounds like a fantasy jackpot straight out of a blockbuster movie is actually this week’s EuroMillions Superdraw.

EuroMillions Superdraws guarantee massive, nine-figure jackpots, regardless of whether or not the top prize was won in the preceding draw. By selecting five numbers from 1-50 and two extra star numbers from 1-12, you could be eligible to win the jaw-dropping grand prize this Friday 29th April at 21:00.

To help you get a taste of what you could buy, here are 6 ridiculous things you could do if you won Friday’s €158,000,000 EuroMillions Superdraw:

1. Cover Malta in a blanket of pastizzi

How could we not? While the price of the traditional Maltese snack is set to rise due to inflation, a cool €158 million should be enough to get you all of the pastizzi you could ever need, whatever the price may be.

Whether you like ricotta, piżelli or even chicken pastizzi, the EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot will present you with enough capital to blanket the entire island in crispy, tasty treat… with possibly some change left over for a cup of tea (one sugar and condensed milk, of course).

2. Buy all of the strawberries in the land

With the traditional Frawli Fest going down at Mgarr last Sunday, your newly-acquired millions would be the key to buying all of the strawberries in the land and effectively becoming local strawberry royalty.

Better yet, you could take the iconic strawberry festival to new levels and celebrate local produce even more. Why not hold it every day?

3. Travel to space

Sometimes, all you need is some well-deserved peace and quiet, and locking yourself in a room with some music and a good book just won’t cut it, especially if your house is surrounded by the seemingly-endless droning noises of construction work.

Not to worry, now that you’re the lucky winner of EuroMillions’ stupendous prize, you can travel to space for some otherworldly downtime. As a matter of fact, a trip to space with Virgin Galactic will only cost you €250,000, which means that you could take a relaxing space trip for 632 times.

4. Purchase a football team

Whether you’re into sport or just enjoy a spontaneous business venture, the EuroMillions jackpot could help you build a local team from the ground-up and take them where no Maltese football team has gone before.

Invest in your favourite local club, start from the lowest-tier of local football and make savvy decisions in an attempt to get them to the top of the table, or even venture where no Maltese team has ventured before and attempt to bring home some silverware the most prestigious European leagues.

5. Buy a private jet (to avoid traffic)

Let’s face it, everyone hates facing morning traffic and as it stands, the only reasonable and practical way of bypassing (pun intended) such a tedious obstacle is buying yourself your very own private jet.

While you’re at it, why not build a landing strip on the roof of your house and solve all of your parking problems as well? All that it would be missing is a classic Maltese sticker on the side of the fuselage…

6. Design windshield wipers that do not miss that little triangle

If you, like many others, recently fell victim to the Saharan dust and blood rain (read: Xita tal-Ħamrija) faced by the Maltese Islands, you know how difficult it is to clean and rid of the aftermath.

That said, that crazy jackpot should not only be cause for celebration, but an opportunity for some well-needed research and development. Hire yourself a crack team and design windshield wipers which will not only relieve your car of any post-rain problems, but also cover that dreaded little triangle that regular windshield wipers always miss. How’s that for an idea?

How can I play?

Typically, one chance to win the EuroMillions with Lottoland costs just €3.

However for a limited time only Lottoland is giving all new customers that sign up an opportunity to participate in this Superdraw for free – therefore a chance to win this €158 million jackpot. No payment details or bank card required. Was there ever a better time to put your lucky numbers to the test? 

Here’s how it works: 

1.Pick your lucky numbers from here.

2.Register your details, no deposit or credit card info is needed.

3.Press the ‘Claim Now’ button and you’re good to go!

Superdraws operate under the same rules as regular draws and the only difference is the size of the guaranteed jackpot.



Lottoland is operated by European Lotto and Betting Limited and is licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority, license number MGA/B2C/609/2018. The offer must be redeemed by clicking on and signing up through the link provided in the article above. 

The promotion expires on 31st May 2022 at 23:59 CET and is only open to new customers. The offer is redeemable once per player. Winnings from this offer are paid out in cash (not bonus money). Players must be 18 or over. These terms are supplemental to Lottoland’s Promotional Terms and Conditions which are found here. Gambling can be harmful if not controlled. Please play responsibly. For help visit rgf.org.mt


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Megan Fox confirms she and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood

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Megan Fox confirms she and Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood

Megan Fox has confirmed that she and her fiancé Machine Gun Kelly drink each other’s blood, a practice the couple have allegedly reserved for ‘ritual purposes only.’

35-year-old Fox previously said she and MGK drank one another’s blood to celebrate their engagement, which was announced on Instagram earlier this year. 

The social media post described how in July of 2020, the couple sat under a banyan tree and asked for magic for their future together. After describing the romantic event, Fox ended the post by saying ‘…and then we drank each other’s blood.’ 

Fox revealed that she wasn’t just being metaphorical, or that this was a one time thing. She told Glamour magazine that the couple do shed a few drops and drink them. 

However, she said that people shouldn’t imagine them chugging down gallons of blood through goblets like some vampiric overlords. She went on to say that she incorporates this into controlled spiritual practices such as astrology, tarot card reading and other lunar rituals. 

Fox also claimed that she had been dreaming of her partner ever since she was four. She claimed that her ‘thoughts and intentions grew him into the person he is. So, I think I made him.’ 


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The Pope’s two-day visit to Malta cost €4,000,000

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The Pope’s two-day visit to Malta cost €4,000,000

It was revealed by newsroom ‘The Shift’ that the two-day Malta visit by Pope Francis was estimated to have cost €4 million. 

The newsroom reported that the taxpayer did not pay the entire amount as €3 million was covered by the Maltese state. The remaining €1 million was contributed by the Curia from church funds. 

The government had faced backlash for using taxpayers’ money on unnecessary expenses during the visit. These included a €50,000 temporary ramp at the Gozo Harbour which allowed the Pope to visit the island for less than two hours via the catamaran. 

Thousands of euros were allegedly spent on shipping the Pope’s Fiat Cinquecento to Malta from Rome. the Nuncio used a portion of the funds to ‘refurbish’ his Tal-Virtu villa so that it could host the Pope. 

A spokesperson told the newsroom that any questions regarding vehicles used by the Holy See delegation or any such matters should be directed to the Nunciature and/or Holy See press office. 

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PN undecided on support for Anglu Farrugia as speaker

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PN undecided on support for Anglu Farrugia as speaker

The Nationalist Party parliamentary group are still undecided when it comes to supporting Anglu Farrugia’s nomination for Speaker. 

With parliament opening on the 7th of May, this would mark Farrugia’s third term as Speaker. The nomination will have to bee approved by a simple majority vote in parliament. 

MaltaToday was informed by a PN spokesperson that a meeting of the parliamentary group about the subject is still yet to be held. He also added that Opposition leader Bernard Grech was not consulted by Prime Minister Robert Abela on the nomination.

Abela said back on the 14th of April that government will be nominating Farrugia for speaker, insisting he saw no need for a change in the role. Were this to be the case, it would mark the first time a Speaker is retained for a third term. 

The Opposition had voted against Farrugia’s nomination in 2013 because former PM Joseph Muscat did not consult it on the choice. In 2017, Farrugia was proposed for a second term and was approved unanimously. 

The Speaker can be a sitting MP or someone from outside the House as the Constitution makes no reference to consultation in the nomination of a new Speaker. The motion to nominate the person for the role is filed by the prime minister, and is the first vote that will be taken in the first session of parliament. 


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