Environment Minister joins rally to revitalise San Anton garden

 - Local - Oct 1
Environment Minister joins rally to revitalise San Anton garden

As people express their disappointment over San Anton Garden’s current state, with broken paving and collapsing walls, Environment Minister Aaron Farrugia joined in the outcry to revitalise the public area. Farrugia ordered immediate works to commence, despite pointing out that the damaged parts of the garden did not fall under his ministry’s responsibility. 

The Environment Ministry, Farrugia revealed, was only responsible for soft landscaping and ponds. He said that beyond the issues of responsibility, of which his the public sees as secondary, he decided to ask authorities to find the necessary finances to carry out the work immediately. 

Both President George Vella and Valletta Cultural Agency Chairman Jason Micallef called on the Environment Minister to give the gardens the care and attention it needs. Photos uploaded by Micallef show the almost abandoned-like state the gardens currently find themselves in. 

Micallef called on the Minister to ‘do his duty’, with President George Vella having contacted Minister Farrugia and asked him to intervene, as revealed by Times of Malta. However, the public gardens fall under the responsibility of Parks Malta, which in turn forms part of the Ministry for Energy, Enterprise and Sustainable Development. The ministry is led by Miriam Dalli. 


Photo Source: Aaron Farrugia FB, Jason Micallef FB, Catholic News Agency


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