England getting ready to play against Malta

England getting ready to play against Malta
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England’s team is getting ready to play against Malta this Friday at the Ta Qali National Stadium, which has reportedly already been sold out in anticipation of the match.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by the official page of the team, showing many of the players arriving at their training centre at St George’s Park. 


Training time 🏃🏻‍♂️ #england #threelions

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It was also of note that no players who played during the Champions League final with Manchester City could be seen – and quite understandable. 

Jack Grealish and other members of the squad had been out partying following their Treble victory. Questions arose about whether they would be joining the match, and so far, there has been no sight of them.

On their part, the Maltese team is also ramping up with excitement ahead of the match, as important information ahead of the game was released by the Malta Football Association. 


New study reveals potential benefits of moderate alcohol consumption on heart health

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In a groundbreaking study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology, researchers have shed light on the potential advantages of light to moderate alcohol consumption for maintaining a healthy heart. The findings suggest that indulging in a moderate amount of alcohol could contribute to a long-term reduction in stress activity within the brain, consequently lowering the risk of heart disease.

The research, which involved analysing data from a vast sample of over 50,000 individuals, uncovered a significant association between light to moderate alcohol consumption and a decreased likelihood of experiencing cardiovascular disease events. The study’s results revealed that women who consume one drink per day and men who consume one to two drinks per day appeared to benefit from these protective effects.

While the study’s findings may sound encouraging, it is important to exercise caution and not overlook the potential dangers of excessive alcohol consumption. Excessive drinking has been associated with numerous health risks, including an increased susceptibility to certain types of cancer and a decline in brain activity. These risks emphasise the importance of responsible alcohol consumption and moderation.

Dr. Jane Roberts, the lead researcher of the study, acknowledged the need for further investigation into alternative methods that can replicate the protective effects of alcohol without its detrimental impact. “Our goal is to identify strategies that can provide similar benefits to heart health while minimising the potential harms associated with excessive alcohol intake,” Dr. Roberts stated. The study serves as a starting point for future research in this area.

It is worth noting that while the study points towards potential benefits of light to moderate alcohol consumption, individual factors such as age, overall health, and pre-existing conditions should be taken into account when making decisions regarding alcohol consumption. It is always advisable to consult with a healthcare professional who can provide personalised guidance based on an individual’s specific circumstances.


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Malta reacts to two new bombshells Mimi and Seb

Malta reacts to two new bombshells Mimi and Seb
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Yesterday evening’s episode of Love Island Malta saw two new bombshells enter the villa, 22-year-old Seb and 20-year-old Mimi.

The two new bombshells went straight into a steamy lap dance, with Mimi donning a full-on rabbit costume. 

 Their entrance also sparked some tension in the villa given the abrupt and direct entrance of the bombshells who immediately targeted the opposite sex group as the challenge went on. 

Local social media of course had something to say about the new bombshells, with some offering their support for the new personalities and others remaining completely baffled by the entrance. 

Meanwhile, according to the teaser, a new bombshell is set to enter the villa tonight, continuing to shake up relationships in the villa even more. Who do you think it is?

And what do you make of the two new bombshells? 


Depp reveals charities he will donate Heard’s $1 million settlement to

Depp reveals charities he will donate Heard's $1 million settlement to
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Closing off their defamation case, which took place last year, Amber Heard has paid the $1 million settlement money to Johnny Depp, who will in turn reportedly give it away to charity.

A source close to the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said that Depp will split the donation to 5 charities of his choosing, with $200,000 going to each. 

It was reported by ‘People’ that the organisations are ‘Make-A-Film-Foundation’, ‘The Painted Turtle’, ‘Red Feather’, ‘Tetiaroa Society’ and ‘Amazonia Fund Alliance.’

According to Facebook page IFOD, ‘Coming out of what have been a nightmare for him, this money will finally be used to do good: it will benefit ill children (via Make a Film Foundation & The Painted Turtle), indigenous populations (via Red Feather and Amazonia Fund Alliance) and environment (via Tetiaroa Society).’

Despite both actors having made appeals following the June 1st 2022 verdict, they decided to drop them and reached a settlement announced in December of 2022. 

Heard announced in 2022 that she decided to settle after her attempt to appeal the court’s earlier verdict. However, she found her decision to settle very difficult and said that this was not an act of concession on her part. 

“I make this decision having lost faith in the American legal system, where my unprotected testimony served as entertainment and social media fodder,” Heard said in a social media post.