Emma Muscat’s hit summer track ‘Sangria’ just got certified Gold

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Emma Muscat has been making waves worldwide ever since she graced our TV screens on Italian reality series ‘Amici’ and her career has gone nowhere but up ever since.

Her latest track ‘Sangria’ with rapper Astol has just been certified gold, which means that the track has sold as much as 35,000 units


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The track currently sits at a modest nine million streams on Spotify and upwards of 14 million views on YouTube, signalling more success to come for the young songstress.


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Season 8 of Brooklyn Nine-Nine is coming

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As far as comedy series go, Brooklyn Nine-Nine definitely makes our list of favourites and we were super excited to see that production for season 8 is currently underway!

Joe Lo Truglio, the man behind detective Charles Boyle, posted an Instagram picture with his co-stars with the caption ‘We’re home’.


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Season 8 is expected to land sometime around 2021 and is also hinted to tackle some of the world’s real-life issues in its flamboyant, comedic manner.


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Greece relax measures for Christmas, despite continued lockdown

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During the Christmas season, lockdown measures in Greece will remain in place while bookstores and hair salons will be allowed to reopen.

The government will also relax certain measures having to do with quarantine while keeping entertainment outlets like cafeterias, bars and restaurants closed.

So far, Greece has registered over 121,000 cases with 3,370 deaths.


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PN deem Edward Scicluna ‘unfit’ for Central Bank governer position

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The Nationalist Party has called Edward Scicluna unfit for his new position following his appointment as Governor of the Central Bank.

The PN stated that Scicluna permitted a number of scandals and questionable decisions during his time as Finance Minister.

Scicluna had mentioned the idea of what is called a “kitchen cabinet” during the Muscat government, which means that a group of people pushed an agenda behind the scenes.


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