Egg-xpensive Prices: EU sees a 30% Increase in Egg Costs

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Egg-xpensive Prices: EU sees a 30% Increase in Egg Costs

Food prices in Europe have been on the rise, with eggs being one of the most affected food products. According to data for January 2023, the price of eggs in the EU has increased by an average of 30% compared to the same month in 2022. This is a significant increase compared to the smaller price increases recorded in the previous years.

Bar graph: Inflation rate for eggs in January 2023 in %, annual rate of change

Among the EU countries, Malta has also experienced an increase in egg prices, although not as high as other countries. However, other countries such as Czechia, Hungary, and Slovakia recorded annual inflation increases of 85%, 80%, and 79%, respectively.

Germany, Luxembourg, and Austria also experienced an increase of around 18-19%. These substantial increases in egg prices may have been caused by various factors such as supply chain disruptions and increasing demand for eggs due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Festa Dunks? Local AI creator shows what a Nike & Maltese Festa collab would look like

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In 2023, AI has effectively taken the world by storm and the ever-developing technology continues to provide surreal generations of things we’d love to see in real life, like a Nike X Maltese Feasts collaboration, for example.

Local artificial intelligence creator ‘Malta & AI’ is no stranger to fusing Maltese culture with the futuristic, weird & wonderful, and has now showed us what a Maltese festa-inspired set of Nike sneakers would look like.

Featuring traditional Maltese festa colours and embellishments, the AI creator shows what it would look like if a set of Nike Dunks got the ‘marċ ta’ filgħodu’ treatment.

“The Maltese have a great affection for their patron saints and annually honour them through the village festa, which is primarily a religious celebration. The colours used can vary depending on the specific patron saint being celebrated, as well as the tradition and history of the village”, the creator wrote in his most recent post.

Would you cop a pair of Nike festas?



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Ta’ Qali Dog Park Reopens After Refurbishment

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Ta' Qali Dog Park Reopens After Refurbishment

The Ta’ Qali Dog Park has been reopened and refurbished under the initiative of Project Green, led by CEO Steve Ellul, and inaugurated by the Minister for the Environment, Energy and Enterprise, Miriam Dalli. This new space offers approximately 1,627 square meters of area with new accessories and increased play obstacles for dogs of all sizes, making it an ideal place for pet owners to bring their furry friends.

The revamped park now features higher fences made of recycled wood, providing a safe and secure environment for pets to run around freely. Moreover, tents have been installed on the benches to provide shade, making it comfortable for owners to sit and relax while their pets play. The colorful space in the park adds to the overall ambiance, and the dogs are sure to love it.

This initiative is a step towards a greener future and sustainable development in Malta.


Local artist Michael Azzopardi drops album of Maltese love songs ‘Vaganza’

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Local artist Michael Azzopardi drops album of Maltese-language love ballads 'Vaganza'

Since bursting onto the scene in 2019, local singer-songwriter Michael Azzopardi has developed quite a reputation for putting out quality music in his mother tongue, and his latest album ‘Vaganza’ is no exception.

The 13-track debut album is a project of Maltese love ballads, presenting Azzopardi’s take on the soundtrack to a Maltese date night. With crisp production, authentic songwriting and a host of features from local favourites, Azzopardi creates an unmistakable intimate soundscape unlike anything we’ve ever heard before.

The album, written and composed by Michael Azzopardi, includes performances by co-producers Jimmy Bartolo and Mark Axiak, with other features including Karmagenn’s Noah Fabri, Brikkuni’s John J. Bartolo & Sean Borg, Brodu’s iz-Zizza and electronic songstress JOON, amongst others.

Speaking about Vaganza, Azzopardi revealed that he began working on the project towards the tail end of the pandemic, peaking in 2022 when he experienced a longing for travel and romantic getaways. “The songs are snippets from my past, with healthy doses of longing and hopefulness for beautiful days to come,” he stated.

You can listen to Vaganza on streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music and YouTube music.


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