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Educators discuss the use of AI and games in teaching at Valletta symposium

Educators! Get one step ahead on Games & AI in education at this FREE conference
May 9 2023 Share

As the technological world continues to bloom before our very eyes, groundbreaking steps are being made in virtually every sector of human life and the education sector is no exception… which is why exactly why events like Transform-Ed are absolutely necessary.

In 2023, the application of digital & non-digital games, together with the appropriate use of artificial intelligence (AI) in education, have become quite the trending topic. For that reason, the European Commission Representation in Malta is currently holding a training symposium bringing together educators with expert trainers, thought leaders and industry players both large and small to learn, share and network on the future of education in Europe.

Transform-Ed is taking place in Valletta between May 8 – 10, offering educators the opportunity to catch a glimpse of the future of education in Europe. The importance of games as a tool in education and imminent practicality of AI are undoubtable, and this ongoing symposium is the perfect opportunity for educators to explore their ethical & practical implications.

At Transform-Ed, educators learn about best practices alongside thought leaders and industry players dedicated to providing innovative experiences to students around the world through games and/or AI in all their forms. Such an event is exactly what the education sector needed to plan the way ahead.

The three-day symposium kicked off with a welcome speech by Equality Commissioner Helena Dalli, together with a panel discussion from Jeffrey Pullicino Orlando, Carm Cachia, Grazio Grixti and Ivan Filletti, as well as three riveting presentations by Alexander Pfeiffer, Tammie Schrader & Alex Grech.

With a host of insightful guest speakers and a crowd educators from all across Europe, check out the European Commission Representation in Malta’s socials or https://transform-ed.eu/ for more info!


Tax department to introduce AI alert for evasion detection

Tax department to introduce AI alert for evasion detection
May 9 2023 Share

Speaking during a press conference, Finance Minister Clyde Caruana announced that the tax department will be introducing a new software which automatically alerts authorities over tax evasion and other possible fraud. 

The software is already utilised in countries like the Netherlands, Canada and the UK, and will be analysing VAT returns by the end of this year as well as other forms of taxes within the next three years. 

The software essentially analyses people and companies’ wealth daily and matches it up with declared income. 

The government will cost the government €3 million and is among a series of measures announced in a new tax and customs administration strategy. 

The statistical analysis system (SAS) uses AI to draw data from different registries and bank accounts to assess cash deposits and illiquid assets like property, land, vehicles and boats. 

During the press conference, Minister Caruana said that this marks the beginning of a much needed culture change and this system will condense work which usually takes weeks and months. 

Addressing possible critique, the minister said that he is not in favour of crony capitalism and that he wants to foster an economy that awards creativity, equity and perseverance over exclusivity, power and inequality. 


Encouraging industry-academia collaboration in Research and Innovation

May 9 2023 Share

Malta Launches Technology Extension Support Programme.

Malta’s Parliamentary Secretary for Youth, Research, and Innovation, Keith Azzopardi Tanti, has announced the launch of the Technology Extension Support Programme (TESP) scheme. This initiative forms part of FUSION, the National Funding Programme for Research and Innovation administered by the Malta Council for Science and Technology (MCST). The TESP scheme aims to encourage Maltese industry to seek technical support from higher education institutes to ensure incremental product or process improvement.

The TESP scheme is designed to integrate Research and Innovation (R&I) at all stages of product or process development and support collaborations between public and private entities. Private entities in Malta can benefit from up to €40,000 per project over 15 months, as part of the Budget 2023 measure to increase investment in research and innovation with the participation of the private sector in various fields.

During the press conference, Parliamentary Secretary Azzopardi Tanti stated that the TESP scheme will help to strengthen the collaboration between the private sector and academics. He emphasized that the government firmly believes in research and innovation, which will lead to economic growth. “This is another budgetary measure that the government is fulfilling. It is a clear affirmation that the government firmly believes in research and innovation which will lead to economic growth,” stated the Parliamentary Secretary.

MCST Chairman Dr Tonio Portughese also addressed the press conference, stating that TESP aims to foster partnerships between private entities and higher education institutions. He added that through these effective collaborations, higher educational institutions can further catalyze a knowledge-based economy, contributing to a resilient society.

The TESP scheme presents an opportunity for Maltese private entities to collaborate with academia to enhance product and process development, which will lead to economic growth and a resilient society.


Ayu ready? This Gżira hotspot is serving phenomenal flavours of the Middle East

Ayu ready? This Gżira hotspot is serving phenomenal flavours of the Middle Easy
May 9 2023 Share

If you’re a fan of Middle Eastern food and looking for a new restaurant to try, look no further than Ayu in Gżira. This charming eatery is known for its eclectic palate of cuisines. This time the spotlight is on the Middle East and Ayu’s meze selections have got us HUNGRY.


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Mezes are small dishes that are typically served as an appetiser or snack in Middle Eastern cuisine, and are a symbol of hospitality and welcome. Ayu embraces this tradition wholeheartedly, encouraging diners to share their food and enjoy the company around the table.

Among the many delicious meze options at Ayu, you’ll find classics like Falafel, Kibbeh Balls, Baba Ganoush and Hummus, together with options such as the Chicken Bastilla.

Whether you’re dining with a group or just looking for a tasty lunchtime snack, Ayu’s meze menu is sure to delight. So gather your friends, sit back, and enjoy the flavours of the Middle East at this wonderful Gżira spot.